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Oodles of Doodles

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Once per week, draw a sushi dog to earn CR!


Quest Giver: Onigiri

Earn some pocket change just for doodling! This prompt is open to all, and can be entered once per week. Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to participate.

Additionally, as a way of facilitating good will and generosity within the community, you will receive a bonus for drawing sushi dogs that belong to other users. Please be sure that you have the character owner's permission before drawing them for this prompt!

Submission Requirements
  • Objectives
    1. Draw a sushi dog of your choice  
    2. Have fun! :D
  • Artwork Completion Requirements (for drawn pieces only)
    • Level: Intermediate (must be flat-colored at minimum)
    • Drawing bonus: N/A
  • Writing Completion Requirements (for written pieces only)
    • Written pieces not eligible for this prompt
  • Character Requirements
    • Eligible characters: NPCs, player characters
    • Ineligible characters: Retired characters
    • Ownership requirements: N/A
      • Be polite--always ask permission to draw others' characters!
    • Additional characters: Not required
    • Character bonus: Depict a non-owned player character
Available Rewards
  • Base reward: Complete all listed objectives
    • + 50 CR
  • Quest giver bonus: N/A
  • Drawing bonus: N/A
  • Writing bonus: N/A
  • Character bonus: Depict a non-owned player character
    • + 50 CR


For more details, see: prompt guide


Reward Amount
Carats 50
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