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Adventure #01

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Ends: 8 March 2021, 00:00:00 UTC (1 week from now)

February 2021 Adventure - Curious Cure


Quest Giver: Onigiri

"*sniffle* Ah, don't worry, I'm not *achoo* contagious (I hope?), just a bit of allergies! Actually, I'm working on some medicine for myself right now, but I just can't seem to find the last ingredient. It's a purple mushroom that grows in dark places around Sanctuary, but it can be pretty hard to track down if you don't know where to look. It tastes awful, but it sure does the trick!"

Submission Requirements
  • Objectives
    1. Find and deliver a purple mushroom for Onigiri's allergy medicine.
      • (Optional) Virtue objective - Depict or describe your soosh using their charm, wit, valor, or might to complete objective 1 (see virtues guide for more information).
  • Artwork Completion Requirements (for drawn pieces only)
    • Level: Intermediate
    • Drawing bonus: Reach Expert level (include shading and background)
  • Writing Completion Requirements (for written pieces only)
    • Minimum word count: 500 words
    • Writing bonus: Write 1000 words or more
  • Character Requirements
    • Eligible characters: Player characters
    • Ineligible characters: retired characters
    • Ownership requirements: Owned characters
    • Additional characters: Not required
    • Character bonus: Include a second character
Available Rewards
  • Base reward: Complete all listed objectives
    • + 150 CR
    • + Virtue point of choice (if applicable)
  • Quest giver bonus: Onigiri - none
  • Drawing bonus: reach Expert level
    • + 50 CR
  • Writing bonus: write 1000 words or more
    • + 50 CR
  • Character bonus: include a second character
    • + 50 CR
  • * You can earn virtue points from this prompt if your sushi dog has mastered their magic power! Be sure to use charm, wit, valor, or might when completing this prompt to earn virtue points for your sushi dog.


For more details, see: prompt guide


Reward Amount
Carats 150
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