Supreme Soosh

While celestial soosh are bornsupreme soosh are made. These sushi dogs and cats were once just like any other soosh, who gained their empowered form from The Great Soosh's blessing. The circumstances that brought them this blessing could be anything, but the reason they accept it is always the same--a strong desire to serve and protect their fellow soosh.

Supremes are tasked with assisting The Great Soosh in keeping Culario safe and watching over the sooshes who reside there. Most supremes are expected to stay within Culario to guard its many secrets, while others (known as "envoys") guide small sooshes between the human world and Culario. The supremes selected to be envoys carry vast knowledge of the human world, while those stationed within Culario know all of its many secrets.

Unlike celestials, who are usually more independent, supremes are loyal and devoted to The Great Soosh's will. These soosh would never deviate from the path set out for them, and vow to serve others with all their strength--which they have quite a lot of! Supreme soosh are much more powerful than normal sushi dogs, both physically and in magic ability. Rumor has it they're even more powerful than celestials, but supremes are far too invested in their work to bother proving it.

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