Redesign Guidelines

Snapshot Edits

We allow some design edits to be made with an inexpensive site item! These are edits that are either canonically possible by the soosh themselves, or minimal enough to be considered stylistic preferences.

The following design edits can be made with a snapshot on the official page of your Sushi Dog:

  • Minimal changes to colors and markings.
  • Changing or adding accessories or hairstyles.
  • Changing body fur length or texture.
  • Reuploading the image to reflect the above changes.

Pommelraie's Tonics

Sometimes, you may want to make a design change that's just a little more in-depth. Pommelraie's tonics are here to help! These are items that can be purchased from Pommelraie's Salon for a small amount of CR or KP and must be attached to a design update request in order to update your sushi dog's design.

The following design edits can be made using tonics: