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Soosh of the Month

Soosh of the Month

Submit gift art for a chance to earn Soosh of the Month! Submissions are due on the second to last day of each month.


✦ Soosh of the Month ✦

Monthly Prompt

Raffles are rolled on the last day of the month!
Submissions are due the day before. (aka 30th if the final day is the 31st)

Every month, a random user who has submitted to the month's prior Soosh of the Month will be featured on the home page in the sidebar under "Soosh of the Month"!

You may submit to this prompt a maximum of twice a month!
If you are looking to do more gift art, check out the Oodles of Doodles prompt!

🌟 Special Seasonal Reward Available! 🌟
+ 20 Ocean Splashers

This currency is time-limited for the duration of the Summer Starlight Festival, so don't hesitate!

✦ Requirements ✦


Draw the Soosh of the Month seen on the left-hand sidebar of the site. This will be treated as gift art for this month's Soosh of the Month! 

You may not draw any other Soosh owned by this person, it is only the pictured soosh that is eligible for the prompt.

Be sure to send it to the user afterward so you can ensure they see it!




Full-Body & Flat-Colored


✦ Rewards ✦

Base Reward



100 Cookies

+ 1 Raffle Entry to the next SotM


Artwork Bonus
+50 if you include shading and background (Expert Level)

Doodle Bonus:
+50 if you include extra character doodles in your gift (can be uncolored sketches)

Pet Bonus:
+50 if you include a pet owned by the SotM winner


Reward Amount
Cookies 100
Ocean Splashers 20


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