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Closed North Star Cocktail

  • Design by pudipon - GST 290
  • Starting bid: $25
  • Minimum bid increment: $5
  • Autobuy Price: $300

Bid in comment thread below - Please reply to highest bidder

Auction Rules
  • Buyer agrees to sushidogs.com terms of service.
  • Proxy bids are allowed.
  • Snipe guard is in effect--if bids are placed within the last 30 minutes of of the auction, the auction will continue until 30 minutes after the final bid placed.
  • Payment plans may be available for sales exceeding $100 in value. Please negotiate payment plans with the artist before bidding. Payment plans require a nonrefundable 25% deposit due upfront.
  • Buyers with an active payment plan may not bid on sushi dogs auctions until their payment plan is either completed or canceled.
  • Do not delete auction bids. If you are caught deleting bids, you may be disallowed from bidding in auctions indefinitely.


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Bid here!

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