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dizzy | she/they | 22
Hiya! I'm Dizzy! I've been active in the community since 2014 back when I got my first MYO & fell head over heels for these lil food babies! I became a mod in 2018 which was a dream come true for me! ♥ I'm probably the shyest/quietest mod in the group, but my love for the species is strong and I help where I can! :'3 If you'd like to browse my sooshes on to learn more about them & see their artwork, click the isometric pixel above! Thanks for visiting!! ♥

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RedlaSunShowers029 Avatar

Heya! Forgot to slide this over in the comments but here’s a link to the updated design in case it doesn’t show up properly there

2021-03-21 00:32:18

lunar-ribbon Avatar
lunar-ribbon Staff Member

No worries, it worked just fine!! Your baby was just approved! ^ __ ^ ♥

2021-03-21 05:52:53

packingpeanuts Avatar

Heyo, I'm pretty new to Sushi Dogs in general, but I've read through their traits and tried to grasp as much of the more as possible! I was wondering what the different codes on Sooshes in the masterlist mean? I would love to draw some Sooshes for the prompts, but I don't really know what to do!

2021-01-10 01:33:37

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lunar-ribbon Staff Member

Hi! Welcome to the group!! :'3c
The codes the Sooshes have are simply their number in the database; It goes in the order they were added to the site, so there is no significance aside from that!
If you're looking to draw someone's Soosh(es) for the prompts, you can check if the owner is okay with receiving gift art of their Soosh by clicking its database entry, and then its profile on the side tab! If they don't have the profile settings filled out to show if they're okay with gifts, you could try messaging the owner to see if they're alright with their Soosh being drawn! I would recommend messaging them regardless if its for a prompt, though!
Hope that helps! ♥

2021-01-10 06:41:54

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