Lop Ears

Lop Ears (Staple)

Category: Ears

Lop ears hang on the sides of the head (contrast with floppy ears, which fold forward!). Lop ears should be situated towards the sides of the head (always), tipped in a gently rounded point (unless combined with tufted ear tips), and no longer than past the chin (unless combined with large ears or mega lop ears). Lop ears do not have any structure in them and thus should always appear completely limp.

*Staple ear traits can be mixed and matched, where each trait is applied to one ear (ex. perky and floppy, floppy and lop, etc.)

Mega Lop Ears

Mega Lop Ears (Faesoosh)

Category: Ears

Mythical - Faesoosh trait

Mega lop ears are EXTREMELY long! Like lop ears, mega lop ears hang on the sides of the head, and can be as long as the full length of the soosh's body (minimum length is twice the height of the head).

This trait can be stacked with any other ear traits except perky ears, floppy ears, lop ears, large ears, and foxy ears.

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