The Enchanted Mirror

The Enchanted Mirror is currently closed for new surrenders.

You look in the mirror...

Your body feels light and warm, and with a flash of bright like, you're sucked into this mystical mirror!

You're suddenly in a field of beautiful flowers under a warm sky. There are other Sushi Dogs here too, but they seem to be having a grand old time.

"Sacrebleu, not again!" You hear Pommelraie cry from somewhere in the distance.

"Mon Cherie, I see you have found my magical mirror. A Kitsoosh traveler gave it to me many years ago, and sadly when some curious patrons like yourself look into it, they seem to get....well a little stuck! Sometimes they randomly appear back in my shop, but I'm not really sure how! It's the magic I suppose. Let me explain what will happen next young soosh..."

The Enchanted Mirror

This magic mirror is a place where you may surrender unwanted sushi dogs, or adopt a soosh someone else has surrendered. When surrendering a soosh to the mirror, a small number of enchanted mirror shards are left behind in its place, the amount of which correspond to the surrendered soosh's traits:

Surrender Values
  • 4 mirror shards for the soosh itself
  • 1 mirror shard for each gourmet trait
  • 3 mirror shards if turning in a sushi cat
  • 5 mirror shards for the first mythical trait only
  • 3 for each additional mythical trait


Mirror shards can be redeemed in Pommelraie's Salon for sooshapon capsules and enhancement items equivalent to the values listed above. Mirror shards cannot, however, be exchanged for mythical traits (their magic seems somewhat limited in that way).

Can I surrender mythical, celestial, or supreme soosh?
Mythical, celestial, and supreme soosh can be surrendered, but you will not receive additional mirror shards for their mythical, celestial, or supreme status. You will, however, receive mirror shards for mythical traits (5 shards for the first mythical trait, and 3 shards for each additional mythical trait).
Can I trade or sell the items I buy with my mirror shards?
Any items you receive from the mirror can be traded and gifted, but may not be resold.
Do I have to purchase the same traits with my mirror shards that my surrendered soosh had?

No! Our new turn-in system is designed with flexibility in mind, so you can use the mirror shards you receive to purchase whatever items you can afford.

For example, if you surrendered a sushi dog with one gourmet trait, you would receive 5 mirror shards. Those shards could be spent in any of the following ways:

  • 1 sooshapon capsule and 1 haute potion
  • 1 enchanted bell and 2 haute potions
  • 5 haute potions
If I change my mind, can I get my soosh back from the mirror?
Unfortunately, all surrenders are final! If you'd like a soosh that's trapped in the mirror, you'll have to purchase it here (unless it's released in some other fashion) to get it back. If you're not connecting with your soosh, there are other options available (might I suggest a makeover at the salon? *winks*), so please take that into consideration before sending your soosh to the mirror!