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Do I need to own a Sushi Dog to have a site account?
Of course not! Many features and activities on this site do not require you to own a Sushi Dog. If you're even slightly interested in the species, we encourage you to sign up!
Do I need to link a DeviantArt account to use the site?
No, you are also free to use your toyhou.se account as an alias on the site! If you previously had a deviantArt alias, you can add your toyhou.se account and make it your primary alias if you prefer.
Does this site have private messaging or forums?
Currently, we do not have private messaging or forums, however, we do have comments enabled on certain site pages (specifically news posts, sales, and user profiles). If you need to contact someone privately, you can send them a note on DeviantArt. If you need to talk to a mod, please message us on the DeviantArt group!
What is Lorekeeper?

Lorekeeper is an open-source ARPG framework created by Cy. You can read more about it on GitHub, or check out the Lorekeeper wiki to read more about specific features.

Any questions about Lorekeeper can be directed to Cy on the official Lorekeeper discord server, or email corowne@gmail.com.

If you enjoy the site, we encourage you to send a tip to Cy on her Ko-fi page! Generous donations to Cy help support bug fixes and continued development of new site features.

What are the plans for new site features? How can I suggest a new feature?

At this time, we have no major plans for new site features that we're able to discuss. While we have lots of ideas for the site, we're not in a position where we can talk about them in-depth just yet. Stay tuned!

For general Lorekeeper features currently in development or planned for development Cy, click here.


Character Trading

How do I set my character as "up for trade?"

Setting your character up for trade makes it easy for people looking for Sushi Dogs to find yours! On your character's master list entry, check the left sidebar for the "settings" section. Click "edit profile," and at the bottom of the page, you will see the setting "up for trade." Toggle it to "on," and click "edit profile" on the bottom right to confirm the change. Now, your character will show up on a list of characters up for trade on the master list.

Tip: If you're seeking specific things for your Sushi Dog, it may be helpful to list them in your character description so that the people who want your soosh know what to offer!

(Please note that your character does not have to be listed as up for trade for you to trade it!)

How do I trade characters?

Click "activity" in the top navigation bar, and then click "trades." This page will show you a list of open, pending, completed, and rejected trades. To start a new trade, click "new trade."

On the new trade page, select a recipient (must be a site user), and add a helpful comment, if you'd like! After that, you can select anything from your inventory, characters, or bank account to add to your trade offer. If you accidentally selected a character, simply click the character again to unselect them, or click "clear visible selection" to start over. Once you're satisfied with your offer, click "create trade."

Now, all you have to do is wait! Trades must be confirmed on both sides before it can be completed. Once you've both agreed on your offers, and a moderator has approved, the trade is completed.

How do I trade items or currency?
See "How do I trade characters?" above! The process is exactly the same. Items, currency, and characters can be traded together or separately using the site's trade system.


General Species Questions

Why the name? Are Sushi Dogs only based on sushi?
Sushi dogs were created by SpikedPeach many, many years ago, and originally were based on sushi! As the species grew, she expanded the lore to include just about any sort of food imaginable, but the name Sushi Dogs had stuck. We've kept the name all this time out of respect to SpikedPeach and the community that's grown around Sushi Dogs since its inception.
What makes Sushi Dogs different from regular dogs?
While Sushi Dogs resemble real-world canines, their anatomy is highly stylized, and they have their own unique world and lore. You can read the encyclopedia for detailed information!
How can I get a sushi dog? Can I make my own?

Sushi Dogs are a closed species, meaning that the creation of official Sushi Dogs is regulated by the species owner, Staryon. Sushi Dogs/Cats are available through either auctions, flat sales, or as customs, but we also give them away for free on occasion.

If you'd like to make your own official soosh, please see "How can I get a MYO?" for more information. As for making your own without a MYO slot, we really can't stop you, but you won't be able to use it within the community!

What's stopping me from making my own food dog anyway? Will I be attacked for making one?

Well...nothing! It just won't be a sushi dog.

Sushi Dogs are closed species, which means that the combination of their specific appearance, world, and community is exclusive and limited by the species owner. Only official Sushi Dogs are allowed into the community, whether they be made by the species owner, approved guest artists, or with valid MYO slots. However, we in no way, shape, or form, claim ownership over the idea of creatures based on foods/drinks. Rather, the group claims ownership only over the very specific world, lore, and style that Sushi Dogs are presented in.

We respectfully ask that others honor the work put into our species and community, and try to obtain a Sushi Dog through legitimate means instead of making "bootlegs." Our current policy is to not police people suspected of making bootlegs, intentionally or not, and we ask those in our community to not police others on our behalf. So long as the Sushi Dogs trademark is not infringed upon, and no artwork is stolen, we see no reason to get involved.

Can my species be affiliated with Sushi Dogs?
We are not currently accepting affiliation requests with other DA groups. Sorry!

Sushi Dogs Lore

Why do Sushi Dogs have closed eyes? Do I have to draw them with closed eyes?

Sushi Dogs have a large amount of magic power contained in their bodies, and the act of keeping their eyes closed helps them maintain their form to use their magic! Sushi Dogs are able to open their eyes, but they aren't able to keep their cute furry form or use their magic while doing so.

We certainly won't stop you from drawing your soosh with open eyes, but it would be considered not canon, so we can't accept it in the group!

Do Sushi Dogs have canon human or anthro forms? Can I draw mine human or anthro?

We have official lore regarding humanoid forms (guide TBA!), but we also accept "alternate universe" human (or "ginjinka") and anthro soosh (so it's not part of "soosh canon," but you're free to draw it and submit it to the DA group!).

Sushi Dogs don't have true anthro forms (like with human proportions and thumbs and everything), however, they can sorta walk on their hind legs for short periods of time if need be!

Can my soosh have alternate forms of other species?

You're certainly allowed to create alternate species forms for your Sushi Dog, but we cannot moderate this and we are not responsible for any mishaps that may occur when trading them. We strongly encourage/ask that all versions of a Sushi Dog be traded together, out of respect to the original artist and concept behind Sushi Dogs.

Character Retirement

What is the purpose of retiring a Sushi Dog?

Character retirement essentially makes it unusable within the community. This means that it cannot participate in any group activities (prompts, contests, etc.) and its owner history will no longer be tracked or regulated in any way. 

Many users choose to retire their Sushi Dogs because they no longer wish to be involved in the community, but they'd like to keep their MYO Sushi Dogs as personal characters. The reasons are personal, and we choose not to ask why when someone requests a retirement. Forced retirement may be used as a last resort punishment for especially problematic users in order to mitigate scams within the community, as a retired Sushi Dog has no value within the community.

I do not want to be involved with Sushi Dogs anymore. How do I retire my Sushi Dogs?

You can retire a Sushi Dog under the following conditions:

  • The Sushi Dog is categorized as MYO, and not OFF or GST.
    • AND:
  • The Sushi Dog is currently under your ownership.
    • AND:
  • You are the creator of the original design.
    • OR:
  • You have permission from the creator of the original design to retire it.

To start the retirement process, please contact us by submitting a claim.

Can I retire a Sushi Dog redesign that I made?

You can retire a Sushi Dog redesign under the following conditions:

  • The redesign you wish to retire is NOT the Sushi Dog's original design (the original design is always kept for archival purposes).
    • AND:
  • The redesign is archived (not currently in use).
    • AND:
  • The Sushi Dog is currently under your ownership.
    • AND:
  • You are the creator of the redesign you would like to retire.

To start the retirement process, please contact us by email or DA note.

If I break rules in the group, you can just take my Sushi Dogs away from me?

Of course not! Rest assured that if your Sushi Dogs characters are retired (either by you or by staff), you will retain full, private ownership of them. Having a Sushi Dog retired does not mean that you will be disallowed from drawing or trading your Sushi Dog!

When a Sushi Dog is retired, it means that...

  1. The character is no longer considered a Sushi Dog by group/community standards (meaning: it is not eligible for any group participation ever again).
  2. The character will be held under no species-related regulation (meaning: it can be traded and redesigned freely).
  3. The character design will be archived as a reference so that it is not copied or remade within the group.

Your retired Sushi Dogs will not be "taken away" in any sense of the phrase.

If your question was not answered here, please contact us via: