Current Event

The Summer Starlight Festival is now in session!

As of July 5th, the community hit the 5000 Ocean Splashers goal! Wow!

To commemorate this win, the Holiday Shoppe now has 5 free Breathless Depths boxes to take home.
This is the same drop table as foraging in the Breathless Depths, so you essentially get 5 free dives!

Check out the shop and see what you get!

The goal has now been increased. Do you have what it takes to hit the goal before the festival ends?


This year is jam-packed with new activities for more participation... so you can fight for what flavor is the best overall:

Sweet or Savory

Something brought the Mersooshes to the shore, and it seems like it was actually food! But was it a sweet treat, or a savory meal?

Looks like it's up to you to figure out and fight for what is right!

Want to participate? Go to this page to pick your team and learn what you must do to earn points for your team, and watch the tracker go up as everyone gathers points!

Your team will be displayed on your site profile, but feel free to go into our discord server to pick up a server role as well.
Art Fight begins at the same time but no worries - your attacks are able to be used for our team fight event too!

What are you waiting for?

Fight today!

Limited Time Activities

New Daily!

Don't forget to get this new summer daily every day to gain some passive points for your team.

Foraging Area Available!

Foraging is free, and there are plenty of pets to find!
There's also rumors that there is a small chance to get some sort of clam mirror...

Holiday Shoppe Stocked

Gather your Ocean Splashers and get yourself a few goodies!

There's a new transformation available, and a new yearly trait as well. The previous Summer items have also made their return, so this is a great time to nab anything you've missed. Wow!

The newest trait discovered this year is Translucent Body.

Translucent Body is a misc. add-on trait to your Soosh. This trait allows for see-through bodies of Sooshes. This means slime-like/gelatin-like bodies with inner objects, glass limbs with fish, and more!

Thank you everyone, and we can't wait to see which team wins.
Tune in next month for the reveal of the raffle prizes and for our jam-packed festival send-off!