World Map

The Sanctuary

In the central-most part of Culario lies a place known as The Sanctuary, what many consider to be the "heart" of this world. Protected by ancient magic, this eden exists to shelter Sushi Dogs from the dangers of the outside world--or worlds. The Sanctuary is the birthplace of all Sushi Dogs, and where young Sushi Dogs spend their days before growing strong enough to leave its protection.

While many choose to leave this peaceful land in search of a more exciting life, many others would rather remain here, and those who leave often choose to return for rest, trade, or the many festivities held here. Culario Plaza was built here as a sort of cultural hub for Cularians, boasting a large marketplace and many places to live and work.

Eastern Culario


Verdant, rolling meadows, marshes, and deciduous forests.


Rasbury (major settlement), Mallow Marsh, and The Whispering Woods


The eastern region of Culario, made up of lush forests and grasslands, is among the most highly populated of Culario's four regions due to its fair weather and beautiful scenery. Here, plant life is abundant and flourishing in the spring, and the region receives fairly mild summers and winters compared to the others.

Located on its plains is the region's capital, Rasbury, headed by Taffy. Its residents live in quiet harmony with nature, shown through humble architecture that compliments the pleasant, rolling hills it resides on.

The Whispering Woods

Bryn's Domain

This large forest, named for the faint voices heard echoing through its boughs, is considered to be quite dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Legend has it that Bryn enchanted the trees, brambles, and odd plants that reside here to become his loyal friends. Like Bryn himself, these plants are playful and mischievous and amuse themselves by attempting to trick, confound, and confuse any who enter their home.

Bryn makes his home in the center of these woods, where he spends most of the year playing with his forest friends. Few are permitted to venture this deeply, however, and most often find themselves led out of the forest entirely (or else, doomed to wander lost forever). They say that only those with the strongest of hearts can successfully navigate this labyrinth.



Southern Culario


Tropical climate; many islands, rivers, and beaches, as well as a dense jungle.


O'bello (major settlement), Helios Tower, Lutari Jungle


Just south of Sanctuary rests the sunny and humid region of Southern Culario, which contains unique natural scenery owing to its warm, tropical air. The weather here remains quite warm through the entire year, even in the winter, making it a popular travel destination. As one travels further south, they would find the region gradually split up into a collection of tropical islands, traversable by bridges, small boats, or ferries.

On its largest island can be found Port O'Bello, led by Edena. Under her leadership, the village has developed into something of a resort town, whose main export is fun and relaxation. Not to say that O'Bello doesn't have its own fair share of troubles--its residents would simply much rather enjoy their fair weather, than involve themselves in conflict or stress.

Helios Tower

Hanabi's Domain

Just over the shores of O'Bello, one can catch the faintest glimpse of a structure looming in the distance--the imposing Helios Tower. It resides on a small island on the southern seas, accessible via boat (or possibly by a very strong swimmer), though only a fool would ever dare make the trip. Within each floor of the tower are a series of puzzles and booby traps that block the way to the top, and it is not uncommon for visitors to leave with more than just a headache.

On the top floor resides Hanabi and the vast collection of treasures she's collected on her travels across Culario. Though she most often prefers to be out on the road rather than waiting in her domain like the other Seasons, she's known to return home to await challengers with the promise of a hefty reward. One must finely sharpen their wits if one ever hopes to succeed.



Western Culario


Dry and chilly climate, deserts, grasslands, scattered forests


Zinfandale (major settlement), Anemos Desert


To the west of Sanctuary is a harsh and foreboding landscape almost entirely consumed by the Anemos Desert to the north. Even its southern grasslands can be a difficult place to live, experiencing fairly extreme weather through the year compared to the rest of the Culario.

Despite the harsh climate, many reside in small settlements and oases throughout the region, though none quite so impressive as Zinfandale. This village, headed by Nocte, is located on a fertile valley near Culario's westernmost coast. The isolated location quite suits its residents, who enjoy a life of quiet reflection and study. Its most prized asset is the large Elowen library, said to contain texts and artifacts from all of Culario and even other worlds, though its collection is so vast--and fiercely guarded--that none but Nocte herself can claim to have seen its rarest pieces firsthand.

The Anemos Sandstorm

Purnima's Domain

Deep within the Anemos Desert is a sizeable sandstorm, raging endlessly on the sun-bleached sands. The swirling cloud of dust and wind seems impenetrable, almost as if encased in a thick barrier, but it can be entered, if one dares to take the risk. Those who brave the sandstorm are often left running with their tails between their legs at what they encounter within...

This sandstorm is actually the home of Purnima, protected by illusory magic so powerful that it is seemingly alive, responding to the hearts and minds of those who enter. In addition to being a common "test of courage" destination, some knowledge-seekers insist that this is a spiritual experience, where one faces their darkest fears and confronts painful truths about themselves, and possibly even about existence itself. One with a finely steeled will could find their way to the center of the sandstorm, wherein lies the lush oasis Purnima calls home.


Northern Culario



Mountainous Terrain



Scoville (major settlement), Calimore Mountain Range, Mount Solitude


The northern region of Culario is well known for its cold climate and mountainous terrain. Even the summers here can be somewhat chilly, as the steep elevation keeps the air crisp and cool year-round. 

One might not expect a bustling trade city to be located in such a harsh terrain, but Scoville's leader, Ryder, never backs down from a challenge! The land here is rife with resources and opportunity--what better place to make a home? The residents here value honest, hard work, and make their living off the land, whether that means mining in the Calimore mountain range, farming the fertile Sycamore Plains, or fishing in the numerous lakes and ponds that dot the landscape. 

Mount Solitude 

Lumi's Domain

The tallest mountain in the harsh Calimore mountain range is known as Mount Solitude and is considered the holy grail for any thrill-seeker in Culario. If the sheer height and icy cold winds weren't enough to deter travelers, the mountain is also protected by powerful golems who seek to block the path to its peak. Climbing the sides of the mountain is a nigh-impossible task--the only feasible way up is through a series of dangerous tunnels carved within it.

The peak of Mount Solitude is where Lumi makes his home, hibernating for most of the year. Only the mightiest could ever hope to survive the long and arduous trek in one piece and have any chance to claim their reward.