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August Newsletter

Posted 15 August 2022, 11:00:38 EDT :: Last edited 15 August 2022, 11:00:38 EDT by fawncore

✦ Happy August, Sushi Rolls! ✦


Anniversary Event ✦

Unfortunately, due to the DTE and personal circumstances, we have fallen a bit behind with our Anniversary event activities. Because of the DTE last month and trying to recover from the time dedicated to it, the Anniversary event will take place in September. This will hopefully not affect our October event as well!

You can look forward to the following:

• Free MYO event for new members
• Month-long prompt activities
• Anniversary gift bags
• FTO raffle batch by our Mod Team
• Raffle design for all members by Rannarbananar
• and more!

We apologize deeply for the delay of this news, and hope you understand!

✦ Soosh of the Month ✦

This month's winner is RaiinbowMochii !

Peaches n Cream

Owned by RaiinbowMochii

Remember, you could be featured next month by drawing the above soosh!

Check out Soosh of the Month


That's all for now! Feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

2022 DTE Winners

Posted 9 August 2022, 00:48:46 EDT :: Last edited 9 August 2022, 00:48:46 EDT by fawncore


Thanks to everyone for their participation in this year's DTE! We hope you enjoyed drawing these tropical cuties and maybe won a Sushi Dog you love!
Below are the winners for this year's designs!

Please note that all completed raffles can be seen here. Raffles were run in the below order.
Any duplicate winners were rerolled in the Discord Server within one of the private mod channels so that everything could be announced at once. Screenshots can be provided if needed.

All entrants are viable to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, only once for the entire selection of sooshes!
All rewards and ownerships will be sent as soon as possible, both here and on ToyHouse!

As usual, all free event sooshes are trade locked for three months! This will be reflected on their profile as off today, rather than the end of the event.


Colorful Piña Colada

by Tamurachii


2nd Place



Cookie Pool Party

by Flufflebear


2nd Place



Halekulani Cocktail

by Starkindler


2nd Place



Mermaid Dreamland Punch

by Alexdream12


2nd Place



Ocean Breeze Cocktail

by Tamurachii


2nd Place



Sunset Shimmer

by Kyu

  • 1st Place


2nd Place



July Newsletter

Posted 10 July 2022, 15:39:11 EDT :: Last edited 10 July 2022, 15:39:11 EDT by fawncore

✦ Happy July, Sushi Rolls! ✦

Let's jump right into this month's updates!!

Summer DTE ✦

It's finally time for our annual Summer DTE! Be sure to check out the graphic below for more information!!

The DTE rules are explained more on the individual prompts so be sure to read closely! You may enter once for each soosh, but only win once! When you enter for a soosh via the prompt you will automatically receive a raffle entry. This raffle will be drawn on August 07 for all prizes.


Enter the DTE!

✦ Soosh of the Month ✦

We are still waiting to hear from this month's winner! Once 24 hours have passed we will reroll! Stay tuned!

Check out Soosh of the Month


✦ Art Fight Might ✦

July is Art Fight month!

We have a special prompt made just for our art fight participants who draw some sooshes along the way! Be sure to read all the details at the link below to submit yours! Be sure to grab a direct link as well, since Art Fight doesn't allow external linking! Looking for people to attack? Check out our discord!

Check out Art Fight Might

That's all for now! Feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

June Newsletter

Posted 30 May 2022, 11:05:39 EDT :: Last edited 1 June 2022, 12:40:34 EDT by Staryon

✦ Happy June, Sushi Rolls! ✦

Let's jump right into this month's updates!!

Important Trait Updates

Hello everyone, we have decided to be stricter on design rules. We have had many weird situations with traits, so we are trying to tackle them down and clarify what is no longer allowed. We will be fixing rules and adding new traits in the near future, so we hope to share more with you guys soon. We have decided that:

New Gourmet Trait: Spikes
We will no longer allow spikes/horns anywhere on the body aside from the head and tails if using the Chimera Tail Trait, without this trait.

New Gourmet Trait: Fins
We will no longer allow fins anywhere on the body aside from the tail if using the Chimera Tail Trait, without this trait.

• We will no longer allow staple tails to mimic food via the use of accessories. This will be case by case, but if it looks like food and isn't listed as such, it will probably be rejected.
• We will no longer allow accessories to mimic traits. This includes horn headbands, clips, harnesses, etc.
• We will be stricter on the use of large teeth. Some sooshes in the past have had "tusks" and these will be grandfathered in.

The above traits will be slowly updated for sooshes that currently have these elements. If you have any sooshes that apply to these rules, please submit a claim so we can get them updated for you quickly.

We will be continuing to update our trait guidelines as time goes on, but this is where we are starting for now. Have any questions or suggestions? Shoot us a message or comment below! Now onto the other exciting news!  

✦ Soosh of the Month ✦

Due to some confusion on last month's Soosh of the Month, with the lack of a newsletter, we will be extending last month's winner period. Please note that Soosh of the Month ALWAYS updates during the first week of the month, and is reflected in the prompt page and about page. If you already drew the SotM last month, you are allowed to submit a second entry for TWO entries for July.

This month's winner is Starkindler !

Black & White Angel Cake

Owned by Starkindler

Remember, you could be featured next month by drawing the above soosh!

Check out Soosh of the Month


✦ Grandeur Glamour Fashion Show ✦


Pommelraie hosted a fashion show in our Sushi Dog Park Server! I wanted to do a showcase!! I love them all! All the participants did an amazing job and the sooshes look so fabulous!
(I could just stare at them all day…)

Garden Dreams

Fantastical Ball

Seafaring Desires

Each week had a winner (or winners!) that took home a prize bundle of salon goodies!
Congratulations again to shadesofangelite, kitsu, Mooncyder, and SamiTheDreamer!

Each entrant was raffled for a grand prize salon appointment by an available stylist, and that winner was shadesofangelite!
Thank you again to everyone who participated in this month-long event. ❤️


✦ Adventure Prompt ✦

Hold onto your sooshes!  We will be releasing a new adventure prompt soon!

This prompt features our lovely NPC Edena, so please help her out ❤️


✦ Egg Hunt Raffle Winner✦

Congrats to Qualeo for winning the Egg Hunt Raffle!
The winner was rolled in our discord due to a bug with tickets.

You have won a Celestial's Gift, which allows for any one Mythical trait to be used on a MYO slot or existing soosh!



✦ Banner Contest ✦

Every two months, we will be hosting a discord server banner competition in the Sushi Dog Park discord server! This month will begin the contest for July and August banners!

Be sure to participate to earn some fantastic prizes and carats!  

 and lastly…

✦ Mod Adopt Teaser ✦

What’s that in the sky??? Give me a telescope Cookie!!! 🔭 ✨

🌟 Celestials are falling down!! We will see you on June 11th!⭐️

That's all for now! Feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions!


April Newsletter

Posted 3 April 2022, 13:34:25 EDT :: Last edited 12 May 2022, 11:04:14 EDT by fawncore


✦ Happy April, Sushi Rolls! ✦

Let's jump right into this month's updates!!

✦ Soosh of the Month ✦

This month's winner is AcuteExposure!

Peace Mac n' Cheese

Owned by AcuteExposure

Remember, you could be featured next month by drawing the above soosh!

Check out Soosh of the Month

✦ Spring Blossom Festival ✦

This year for the Spring Blossom Festival, we are bringing back a Sushi Dog classic with a good old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt!

Hunt down 20 different eggs across the website for prizes within! Five special eggs may even have a Sushi Dog to claim as your own inside, but you have to act fast! Whoever is the first one to claim each soosh will be the winner. (Only one soosh can be won per person!). Every other egg will have a small carat prize, and if you manage to find them all, you will be entered into a raffle for the grand prize! Stay tuned for the date below for more information!



The event is currently scheduled for April 23rd @ 3 pm EST

(This date may be pushed back, depending on the circumstances. This is the first time I have held an event like this, and it may take me some more time to get it set up.)
On the morning of April 23rd, the site will be in maintenance mode while I prepare. Nothing will be accessible at this time.

Please note that all members, including mods, are eligible for participation. Mods do not have an advantage, as Kayy will be the one hiding them without consulting others.


✦ Soosh Salon Progress ✦


We are still working through our updates to the Sushi Dog Salon and hope to have an update officially up by the end of April!

Don't know what the Soosh Salon is? Read more about it on our DeviantArt page:




✦ General Housekeeping ✦

• There has been some general confusion regarding our policy on purchasing Sooshes you put in the mirror yourself. While I do not see the overall benefit, as you are spending a large number of carats unnecessarily and taking away opportunities for someone to connect with a Sushi Dog they may love, we ask that you please refrain from purchasing your own Sushi Dogs from the mirror that you put in. There is no way for us to strictly monitor this beforehand, but if we continue to see this being an issue, we will put something in place to prevent this. We want to avoid doing so, though, as it will severely slow down our team's work process by making the entire process manual. Thank you for understanding.

• In the coming days, there will be an update to the trait guidelines with more visual examples. This will help clearly outline what each trait allows and give you some inspiration for your next MYO.




And that's all for this month! It's a pretty short newsletter this time, but we have a lot of things cooking! 
Feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

Egg Hunt 2022

Posted 23 April 2022, 15:00:46 EDT :: Last edited 23 April 2022, 15:00:46 EDT by fawncore

It's time for the Spring Blossom Festival Egg Hunt of 2022!

Throughout the website, there are 20 unique eggs hidden in unique places! Test your knowledge of the site and earn prizes!
Each egg contains 50 Carats and a raffle ticket for the event! At the end of the event, a raffle winner will be drawn.


- There are 20 eggs hidden in two batches. Each batch has 10 eggs, and you can find both batches to equal 20 eggs.
- Eggs will be valid until May 1st, you have one week to find as many as you can.
- When you find an egg, click on it and then click "Claim"!
- When an egg is claimed, you will receive an Egg item in your inventory. You must open it to receive your prize and raffle ticket.
- If an egg has a Sushi Dog prize, be sure to go to the link attached as fast as you can! Once you get there leave a comment saying "Claim!"
- Eggs are small but are not hard to miss! They are all unique in color and pattern. 


- Every egg found contains 50 carats and a raffle ticket. Find them all to increase your chances!
- 5 Eggs contain a Sushi Dog as a prize. These are FCFS.
- The winner of the raffle will receive a Sooshapon Capsule, a Haute potion, and one mythical upgrade of your choice! This trait is NOT transferrable!


- Eggs will not be hidden on database entries of PLAYER sooshes. NPC sooshes are valid.
- You may only win ONE Sushi Dog if you happen to find more than one. The first one you claim is what you will receive. If you do not like the first one you find, you may skip it.
- All sooshes will have a three-month trade cooldown from when they are found. 
- All eggs are hidden on the domain. None will be on any other platform (DeviantArt, Discord, etc.)
- You are not allowed to work together or share information about an egg's location with other users.

March Newsletter

Posted 6 March 2022, 13:57:23 EST :: Last edited 15 April 2022, 13:25:00 EDT by fawncore


✦ Happy March Sushi Rolls! ✦

We hope you had a lot of fun with our NPC contest last month and all of our fun flash prompts in the Discord! This is a non-event month, so things may be moving a little slower till we get going with our next set of activities!!

✦ Soosh of the Month ✦

This month's winner is CarrsCrap! Thank you for all your contributions to our community!

Lemon Meringue Drip Cake

Owned by CarrsCrap

Check out Soosh of the Month

✦ Winter NPC Design Contest Winners ✦

The results are in! Thank you everyone for entering your stunning designs for Lumi's new look! Unfortunately, there can be only one but we hope you love her as much as we do!

1st Place




Thank you everyone for participating again! Prizes will be dispersed shortly!

If you did not win 1st place, you are free to do what you'd like with your design. Feel free to turn them into a normal Sushi Dog for your MYO slot, trade the design to someone else to be made official, or even save up the items to have them as your very own personal dragonsoosh! We loved seeing everyone's creativity! Even though this is out last seasonal design contest, something tells me that this isn't the end....


✦ Soosh Salon Temporarily Closed ✦


Ever since we moved to the new website, salon appointments have drastically decreased in amounts due to there being no dedicated place for them! Our team (and Pommelraie) are working on revising the current Salon system before reopening, so we will have some fresh and exciting updates for you soon!

Don't know what the Soosh Salon is? Read more about it on our DeviantArt page:




✦ March Adventure ✦

Our next adventure is still in progress, but stay tuned for our next adventure prompt to continue (or start!) on the mythical of your dreams. Stay tuned!




And that's all for this month! It's a pretty short newsletter this time but we have a lot of things cooking! 
As always, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

February Newsletter

Posted 30 January 2022, 11:47:55 EST :: Last edited 15 April 2022, 13:24:55 EDT by fawncore


✦ Happy February Sushi Rolls! ✦

The newsletter is a bit early this month, but with the shorter month ahead we hope this gives you some more time to jump into our event this month! We also have a new featured activity on the site! Be sure to read more below!!


✦ Soosh of the Month ✦

Jan 30 - February 28
(Repeats Monthly)

In the works for a while, if you took a peek at our about page, we are finally ready to release our new Soosh of the Month feature onto the site! Each month we will feature a new soosh from members of our community that participate in the prompt each month! By donating gift art to the featured soosh, you are automatically entered into the running for the next Soosh of the Month event, and get to feature the soosh of your choice if you win.

For the first month, we raffled off everyone who participated in Oodles of Doodles during January!
This winner for this month is Rannarbananar!

Raw Honey

Owned by Rannarbananar

Check out Soosh of the Month

✦ Dragon NPC Design Contest ✦

February 01 - February 28

The time for the next (and final) NPC design contest is upon us! Our final seasonal celestial is in trouble as the Snowfall Festival begins, and only the sooshes of Culario can help him! Do you have what it takes to design a soosh of dragon-sized proportions?

If you're a newer member and don't know what exactly this means, this is your chance to win your very own mythical Dragonsoosh and leave your mark on the group forever! Members will design a dragon mythical to become our official NPC and it will be put to a vote on our moderation team!

Learn More Here



And that's all for this month! We hope you are as excited as we are! 
As always, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

January Newsletter

Posted 10 January 2022, 13:19:37 EST :: Last edited 15 April 2022, 13:24:51 EDT by fawncore


✦ Happy January Sushi Rolls! ✦

We hope you have jumped into 2022 with a fresh mind! We have a lot of exciting things coming for this year and are still working out the details, but we hope you enjoy your time in Culario with us this year! Thank you always for your continued support. On a personal standpoint, 2022 marks the start of my species ownership with a fresh start now that I have 9 months under my belt. I hope that you have enjoyed the past months and that we can continue to grow our family here. It means so much to me and our mod team that you enjoy Sushi Dogs so much!!

✦ TOS Updates ✦


With the new year and new ownership, we have reviewed our Terms of Service to be more in line with the current status of the species. Please be sure to review carefully as participating on the site and purchasing Sushi Dog-related goods, means that you consent to our TOS! We will also be moving our TOS to the "Help" tab in the near future to make sure it is accessible to all users.

Read Updated TOS

✦ World Lore is now Live! ✦

While our world lore has been in progress for a very long time, we have decided to go ahead and make things live for you to view and we begin fleshing out more lore-related content for our users. 99% of this content was written by Chital so I would like to give credit to her since she graciously let me keep it when I became the owner. I think it has a lot of goodies for you to dive into as we begin expanding Culario for you to explore. We would also like to note that a few NPC names have changed, and are updated accordingly on their database entries! Nox is now Nocte and Dulces is now Taffy.

Images of locations are still coming soon (and the main reason it has not been live yet!) but we decided to go ahead and give you something for the new year! 

General species lore is still a work in progress but we hope to have an update for you soon. I will be asking in our Discord server what users would specifically like for me to tackle in the lore to make sure that it's everything everyone could want!

Check Out The Culario Map



✦ Mod January Adopts Tease ✦


As a small final thought, I wanted to tease that the January mod batch will be Valentine's themed! Go ahead and get ready for some simply lovely little sooshes to use this February season!



✦ January Adventure ✦

Our next adventure is upon us, this time it's time to investigate some mysterious happenings with some snowmen! Are you ready to earn your next virtue? Remember to earn a virtue, you MUST have completed your magic training with your selected soosh!

(Be sure to expand the prompt once you click the link for details!)

Check Out This Month's Adventure




And that's all for this month! We hope you are as excited as we are! 
As always, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

Secret Soosh Art Reveal

Posted 25 December 2021, 17:57:33 EST :: Last edited 15 April 2022, 13:24:45 EDT by fawncore

Click the link below to see all the art for this year's secret soosh event!!



Thank you everyone for another successful year for this event! We hope you all had fun and enjoy your new art! Thank you to everyone who completed their part on time!