Koinpeito Shop

Koinpeito Shop

What is Koinpeito?

Item description: "A fragment of a fallen star carefully molded into a shining coin. These treasures are quite nice to look at, and fetch a high price from collectors. While they're named after the star-shaped candy they resemble, it's not advised to try eating them."

Koinpeito (KP) is our site's premium currency, used to buy MYO slots and items that can change or enhance a Soosh's appearance or magic affinity.

  • 1 KP = $1.00 USD

KP can be purchased for any amount at a time (e.g. if you would like 35 KP, you will be invoiced for $35 USD via Paypal). Please specify the quantity desired when requesting a purchase!

Sale Rules

Before you buy, please read over these rules!

  1. KP buyers must also abide by the site terms, and are subject to punishment upon rulebreaking with no compensation for KP purchased.
  2. Breaking of these sale rules or site terms may result in punishment up to and including blacklisting from purchasing KP, or banning from the site itself.
  3. All KP purchases are nonrefundable.
  4. Issuing chargebacks on KP purchases will result in the removal of the buyer's KP and any items purchased, including items traded to other users (if necessary).
  5. KP is bound to the buyer's account upon purchase. It is not possible to trade KP between users at this time. KP is to be used onsite for site items only.
  6. At this time, KP cannot be used in combination with CR to purchase items. KP cannot be converted into CR, and CR cannot be converted into KP.


How to Buy

Please fill out the form at the following link:
KP Order Form

After the form is filled, Staryon will send you a PayPal invoice, made out for the amount of KP you'd like to purchase.
Please allow at least 24 hours for the invoice, and please allow at least 24 hours for KP to be added to your account after your invoice is paid.


Seasonal Discount
The current season is Spring!
The Spring Seasonal Trait Box is on discount; out-of-season trait items are still available at an upcharge.