Staff Ranks

Owner of the site and Sushi Dogs species. Oversees all group functions, organizes sales, etc.!


  Character Moderators
Character mods manage the character and MYO masterlists, and any duties related to them. Jobs include running design approvals, appraisals, user-to-user transfers, correcting trait errors, and more!
  Game Moderators
Game mods manage activities on the site. Jobs include grading prompts, writing new prompts, and planning and running events, games, and contests.
  General Moderators
General mods manage the posting of general content on the site, including news, sales, prompts, and site pages. In addition to writing and posting duties, general mods may also assist with character and game moderator duties as needed.

Get in Touch

For assistance, please contact us using one of the following methods:

We ask that you please do not message mods on their personal accounts unless you are explicitly requested to!

Join the Team!

We are looking for moderators who are interested in the species, and can commit to volunteering a few hours of their time a month to help keep the group running smoothly. Mods are granted 500 CR per month for their time, and additionally, are allowed to create guest soosh for certain events. Check out the mod application below for more information and to apply!

Mod applications are currently closed.