What are virtues?

A sushi dog's soul is made up of four aspects: in Culario, we refer to them as Charm, Wit, Valor, and Might. These four aspects (or "virtues"), along with their magic, make up the whole of a sushi dog's being.

Charm is the power of a sushi dog's heart. This refers to the use of their personality--their social skills, words, and treatment of others--to solve problems. Does your sushi dog speak with honeyed words or a silver tongue? Charm isn't always kind, but it gets the job done!

Wit is the power of a sushi dog's mind. This is their intelligence, resourcefulness, and ability to learn. Using wit doesn't always mean that a sushi dog is smart, just that they're using logic, analysis, and reasoning to solve a problem.

Valor is the power of a sushi dog's spirit. This refers to their courage, tenacity, and determination to reach a solution. Maybe your sushi dog is cowardly, but if they will themselves to brave something scary, they're using Valor!

Might is the power of a sushi dog's body. This is the use of their physical senses and athleticism to solve problems. Using sound, smell, taste, and getting their paws dirty--that's Might!

When a sushi dog makes use of these four virtues, their soul grows stronger. We measure this growth in "virtue points," which can then be expended to grow a sushi dog in appearance, and even in magic prowess!

Earning Virtue Points

Virtue points are earned by completing adventuring prompts! However, it's not as simple as just completing the prompt: to earn a virtue point from a prompt, you must display the virtue in your approach to the prompt.

To earn virtue points, rather than showing your soosh completing the prompt outright, you should think of it as if you're telling the story of how they come to their solution (or not!). It's easiest to start by choosing the virtue point you'd like to earn from the prompt, and asking yourself: "How does my soosh use their social skills (Charm), intelligence (Wit), courage (Valor), or physical ability (Might) to solve this problem?" 


Example prompt: "Onigiri must collect rare mushrooms from the forest.  "

Here are some examples of responses you might come up with, using each virtue:

Charm: "Onigiri meets someone carrying a basket of mushrooms, and convinces them to share with him."

Wit: "Onigiri learns where the mushrooms grow, and uses that knowledge to find them in the forest."

Valor: "Onigiri searches for the mushrooms in a perilous area within the forest."

Might: "Onigiri uses his strong sense of smell to track down the mushrooms."

It's worth mentioning as well, that there are many ways you could use each of these virtues to respond to the prompt! For example, instead of the example for Charm listed, your soosh may intimidate a merchant into giving them their mushrooms. Use your imagination!

Be forewarned, though--without mastery of their magic power, your sushi dog's soul will not be strong enough for this kind of growth. Be sure to complete magic training if you'd like to earn skill points!

To claim your virtue point from an adventure, you will need to add it to your prompt submission as a character-related reward. A visual guide for claiming virtue points from can be found here: (click to enlarge)

Exchanging Virtue Points

Virtue points can be exchanged for items from the wishing fountain

Virtue FAQ

Can I earn more than one virtue point at a time?
You can earn only one virtue point per prompt (unless you receive more as an event prize, or as a magic power bonus). You can, however, earn more than one different type of virtue point over multiple prompts. For example, if you earn 1 Charm point for completing one prompt, you are not "locked-in" to earning Charm points for every following prompt you complete (remember, all sushi dogs have the power of all four virtues within them!).
Can virtue points be exchanged for virtue points of another type?
No. If, for example, you earn 1 Charm point from a prompt, you cannot trade it for a Wit, Valor, or Might point. We will look into a system for exchanging unwanted virtue points.
If I trade my character, will their virtue points be traded with them?
Yes. Virtue points are locked to the character that earns them. Additionally, any items purchased using virtue points can only be used on the character who purchased the item, so please keep this in mind when trading characters you've been adventuring with.