Basic Food (Staple)

Category: Theme

The vast, vast majority of soosh are born from various kinds of food and drink around the world.

This trait includes...

  • Real world food/drink
  • Imagined food/drink using real world ingredients
  • Fictional foods that could exist in the real world

Because many food and drink items can be created using different recipes and techniques, there could be more than one in existence. It is not necessary to ensure your basic food themed soosh has a unique name for its concept, so long as it looks distinct from other soosh!

Any foods/drinks that include names or images legally protected words or symbols will be classed as specialty food instead and cannot be used without express permission. In most cases, you can get around that limitation by using a more generic name!

Specialty Food (Limited)

Category: Theme

Some food and drink themes are a little more unique than others. These are classified as specialty foods!

This trait includes...

  • Fantasy food/drink with magical effects
  • Fictional food/drink that does not exist in the real world
  • Food/drink that uses legally protected names or images

Specialty food themed soosh CANNOT be created except by Chital or with her express permission. Unlike basic food themes, specialty food themes are never duplicated--there can only be one in existence!

Celestial (Limited)

Category: Theme

Celestial themes can only be used by celestial soosh! These themes are not associated with any sort of food or drink, and are instead...well, celestial! This includes planets, stars, constellations, or sometimes even more abstract concepts.

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