Character Categories

Official (OFF)

Official sooshes were created by Witchpaws, also known as spikedpeach, during her ownership and creation of the species.

Collaborated (CLB)

Collaborated sooshes were done by more than one artist or designer. Both are credited in the design credits.

Staryon (STAR)

Staryon sooshes are sooshes designed by Staryon for the group.

Guest Artist (GST)

These are Sooshes made by Guest Artists for events or sales. We appreciate their hard work!

Moderator (MOD)

Moderator sooshes are designed by the moderator team for events or sales. This is a special privilege for their hard work!

Make-Your-Own (MYO)

These are characters made by members of the community for their own personal use using MYO (make-your-own) slots.

Anniversary (ANN)

Anniversary sooshes are created during our yearly anniversary event. Each account is limited to one anniversary soosh, so make it special!

kayy (KAYY)

Kayy sooshes were created by kayy, otherwise known as fawncore, during her ownership of the species.

Chital (CHI)

Chital sooshes were created by Chital, otherwise known as Chi, during her ownership of the species.

Non-Player Character (NPC)

NPCs are free-to-use sooshes for users to include in their prompts. These sooshes have importance in Culario with their different roles.

Retired (RTD)

Retired sooshes are removed from the species and no longer usable within the site. This process is irreversible and requires permission from the original designer.

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