Comments on Secret Soosh 2022

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DessertDingo She/They

Username: DessertDingo
Where would you like to be contacted? Discord please!
Discord Username: DessertDingo#5579

Soosh Link: Either of these two <3 or
Would you like it to be winter-themed? Up to you! I don't mind either way
Are you ok with drawing non-standard sooshes? (Cerberal, Triptych, etc) Happy to try all kinds of sooshes!
Extra comments: This is my first soosh secret santa! super excited to see how it goes!

2022-11-12 21:04:10

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kayy she/her


Thank you for joining the 2022 Secret Soosh event! You have been confirmed that your soosh is registered and official and, thus are approved to participate! Please look forward to your message on discord with further information on the event later this month!

2022-11-27 12:39:45