Starter Guide

Welcome to Culario, the world of Sushi Dogs! is a character collection and art roleplaying game (ARPG) by fawncore.

Here, you can collect and trade your own sushi dogs, and participate in our ARPG. Playing the ARPG will help you develop your soosh's character, and allow you to earn upgrades to their stats and appearance. If roleplay isn't your thing, though, you can still collect carats (our community's virtual currency) to purchase your own soosh, update their appearance, collect site items, or just trade with friends!

Create your Account

A site account is necessary to participate in the ARPG, and can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Register: Click "register" in the top right of the navigation bar! Choose a username, an email address for verification, and a secure password (all of this can be changed later if need be, so don't overthink it too much!).
  2. Verify your email: Upon creating your account, a verification email will be sent to the email address you provided upon registration. Please allow 24 hours for you to receive it! your email must be verified before going forward.
  3. Link your DeviantArt account: You can do this at Be sure that you are logged into your DeviantArt account in the same browser! This will automatically link it to your site account, and will be listed on your site profile as your alias. Any existing sushi dogs and MYO slots under your alias will now be automatically linked to your site account!

Once all 3 steps are completed, congrats! You can now use all of the site's features in full. If your username, email, or DA alias needs to be changed at any point, please contact us for assistance. If you need to change your DA alias, you'll have to link it again using the same process as before, so as before, make sure you're logged into the account you want linked in the same browser!

Your First Sushi Dog

While owning a sushi dog is not required to enjoy the species or community, you will need one to participate in certain site functions and group events. To obtain your first sushi dog, try one of the following methods:

Make Your Own Sushi Dog

Make-Your-Own (MYO) slots are very affordable and are made regularly available throughout the year. This is a great option if you're feeling creative!

MYO slots can be purchased using currency earned from site prompts and events, so you don't even need to spend any money--just participate in the community, and earn MYO slots at your own pace!

Buy MYO Slots
Buy Official Soosh

New sushi dogs made by fawncore and designated guest artists are regularly sold right here on the site. If you want a "designer" soosh, this is the option for you!

If you'd like to get a sushi dog in this way, keep an eye out on the site, DA group, and discord server for announcements of new sales!

See What's for Sale
Trade with Friends

You can often find sushi dogs up for trade (UFT) within the community. You can land a great design for the right offer!

Sushi dogs can be listed as UFT on the site masterlist, and you can bookmark your favorite soosh to get a site notification when they're UFT! Additionally, you can find trade listings on our DA group and discord server.

See Who's Trading

Start Playing

Once you have a soosh of your own, you can now play the ARPG proper! This is, of course, an optional feature, and it is not necessary to participate in it to fully enjoy the species. Playing the ARPG encourages you to get to your own know your characters, while also earning special upgrades that are only available through ARPG prompts.

Magic Power

Magic Powers are unique magic abilities that every soosh has. Unlock your soosh's potential through the magic training questline!

Completing this questline for your soosh will allow them to earn virtue points, and, additionally, can affect how your soosh progresses in the ARPG.

Learn More About Magic

After unlocking your soosh's magic power, you can start leveling their virtues!

Virtues are leveled using virtue points, which are earned from adventuring. Virtue points can be spent to obtain mythical traits for your soosh.

Learn More About Virtues

Adventures (or Adventuring Quests) are special prompts that will have your soosh exploring the world of Culario. These prompts will reward you with virtue points depending on how you solve their problems!

Challenge your creativity, and earn unique rewards!

Go on an Adventure
Mythical Trials

Currently, Mythical Trials are the most challenging--and most rewarding--prompts in the ARPG! You will need key items in order to take on these trials.

Mythical Trials can be used to grant your sushi dogs mythical traits, or even allow them to become one themselves!

Take on a Mythical Trial


The sushi dogs ARPG is always in development, and we have lots of things in store for future game mechanics and things to do. We hope you enjoy playing!

Use Site Currency to Upgrade your Characters

Our site currencies are (currently) used to purchase items that help grow or change your characters! Our main currency, Carats, is used universally in most functions of the site, while our premium currency, Koinpeito, is used only for paid transactions. We made the switch from selling individual items via points and paypal (eg sooshapon tokens and Pommelraie's tonics) to instead selling a premium currency in order to simplify the process of buying items onsite.

Carats (CR)


Carats (CR) is our main site currency! You can use these to purchase design updates, site items, and more.

The main way to earn CR is by doing prompts. These are art & writing challenges that give rewards (including CR) for completion. Prompts can also help you develop your soosh's personality, or even earn trait upgrades for them! To learn more about the types of prompts available, please check out the prompt categories page.

Earn Carats from Prompts
Koinpeito (KP)


Koinpeito (KP) is our premium (paid) currency. Currently, KP is only used in the Sooshapon Machine and Pommelraie's Salon, but we may have other uses for it in the future!

While KP isn't necessary for the majority of site features, it's useful as an option for those who want to collect, design, and redesign sushi dogs. If you'd like to purchase KP to give yourself a headstart in Culario, you can purchase KP with DevaintArt points or Paypal.

Buy Koinpeito


Once you've got enough CR or KP for what you want, head over to the shops to spend it!

Starter FAQ

Where is my verification email?
Please allow at least 24 hours for your verification email to arrive! If it takes longer than that, please contact us for assistance. We're aware of an issue with Lorekeeper sites where some users never receive verification emails, and recommend signing up with addresses for the fastest verification.

Why are my sushi dog's traits missing?
We left all trait information blank when transferring our thousands of masterlist entries in order to speed up the process. We'll be gradually updating this information over time!
My sushi dog's sale value is $0. Am I not allowed to sell them?
Please contact us for an appraisal! Once your soosh's sale information is up to date on the masterlist, you will not need to have them appraised again unless you want it updated (eg to reflect new commissioned art).
Why do I not have my currency and items?
Currency and items are being migrated manually as new users come in. Please be patient and you will be notified when your old bank information is migrated!
Help! I'm missing characters!
Please contact us! This is most likely because of DA username changes, so please just send proof of ownership and we'll have the ownership information updated asap.

Any Questions?

Check out our FAQ, or message us on DeviantArt if you need any help!