January 2021 Update Log

Posted 3 February 2021, 00:33:32 UTC :: Last edited 3 February 2021, 00:33:32 UTC by Admin
General Site Updates

The Sooshapon Machine will now stock 10 total sooshapon tokens (5 buyable with CR, 5 buyable with KP), decreased from 20 total.

Premium potions and premium bells can now be purchased from Pommelraie's Salon for KP. Stock will be limited each month, so act fast! Currently, we have no ETA on when or if haute potions or enchanted bells will be buyable with CR.

New Features

The Enchanted Mirror is finally open for business again! While surrenders are currently closed, we've uploaded every soosh currently stuck in the mirror to be adopted for CR. Our friends on discord got to have the first look at the new and improved mirror, but there's still plenty of cute soosh up for grabs if you've got the dosh for it! When surrenders are opened, Pommelraie's Salon will be stocked with sooshapon capsules, haute potions, and enchanted bells to trade for mirror currency.

Bugs Fixed

User profiles were showing a 500 error for about 2 weeks at the end of January. This has been resolved now, thank you for your patience! It took quite a bit of tinkering to figure it out. ;w;/

Current Plans

A batch of new mods are planned to be brought on within the month! We'll be working to plan our Spring event for March if time allows. Please look forward to it!

The Enchanted Mirror will be opened for surrenders at a date to be determined, as some mod discussion is still needed to plan for the duration and frequency of opening (value calculations are done manually, so we'd like to avoid overloading mods with extra work if we can help it!).

Our first adventuring prompt will be posted within the week. Be sure to complete the magic training questline if you'd like to start earing virtue points from adventuring!

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Pommelraie's reign of terror has finally ended....for now....

2021-02-03 00:35:37

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