January Newsletter

Posted 7 January 2023, 17:45:58 EST :: Last edited 7 January 2023, 17:52:24 EST by fawncore


✦ Happy New Year Sushi Rolls! ✦

After a much-needed break, our mod team is back in action! There have been a few changes to the site and we hope that you like them. I will be breaking down each change in the below sections, but first, a teaser for our next event!


✦ Enchanted Mirror ✦

The Enchanted Mirror is now open for the month of January! It will be open until Monday, Jan 9th at roughly 12pm EST.
To surrender a soosh to the mirror, please click "Submit" and then "Surrender." Please allow up to 5 days for your soosh to be accepted, and make sure you submit their toyhouse to Pommelraie as well!

There are a ton of new sooshes for you to buy, including ones to buy with mirror shards now!

Winter Snowfall Festival


The snow is falling and the skies are twinkling. The winter solstice festival has arrived! It is the longest night of the year and soosh gather around Culario plaza to celebrate. Many watch the mystical aurora borealis spread throughout the night sky. Sooshes make wishes under the falling stars and some may even catch a glimpse of a special something flying around! There are also various winter activities, such as snowball fights, festival stands, and a big feast that lasts for weeks! These activities are causing a commotion around the plaza, making some curious creatures want to take part in the festivities too… Maybe you can befriend some?
This event will ideally be starting on January 14th, barring any website-related issues. If we do have any issues, some features may be delayed. Stay tuned!



Website Updates

Mod Structure
You may see a few new moderator roles across the site! Our team has been divided up into teams of two per section, but we will all be assisting still where we can! We may be hiring soon so be sure to keep an eye out if that’s something you would be interested in. Also, you may notice that some of our asset art has been changing slightly! I have taken over this duty to help the team focus their efforts on more pertinent things while I supervise the group happenings!
Pommelraie’s Salon
Redesign Kit

Introducing the newest addition to Pommelraie’s salon; the Redesign Kit!

This kit is available for 1000Carats or 10Koinpeito, and acts as a tonic bypass for your new redesign! If you plan on using more than two tonics, this item is required. We know that our tonic system was a bit confusing, for both the community and the mod team! We hope that this new item relieves stress on both ends when completely overhauling a design! Additional items will still be needed in addition, if you plan on upgrading traits.
Species Structure
Still in progress, but there have been a few changes to the mythicals and traits on the website! 
Vampsoosh are now Weresoosh
Dragonsoosh are now Dracosoosh
Cheek Shape-Default is now Round Cheeks
Cheek Color-Default is now One-Color Cheeks
Cheek Shape-Shaped is now Shaped Cheeks
Cheek Shape-Mismatched is now Mismatched Cheek Shape
Cheek Color-Mismatched is now Mismatched Cheek Color
Cheek Color-Fancy is now Fancy Cheeks
Multi-Color is now Multi-Color Bandana
NEW - Mismatched Ears
I personally felt these new names are much more inclusive of the designs that can exist underneath them. Maybe it even gives you some new ideas!
Please note that verbiage is still be updating across the site, so please hang tight while things are revised.
Species Guides
A popular request, this new page is in progress!
This page will be a much more familiar layout of common closed species guides and hopefully will be more useful for new members. Hang tight, it’s coming!
In addition, there will be a subtype and mythical breakdown included, as well as a height chart to compare each type to the others.
What’s that?
In addition to the new redesign kit, you may have noticed a few new items popping up. They look rather delicious. I wonder what they’re for?


And that's all for this month! We hope you are as excited as we are! 
As always, feel free to comment or send us a message if you have any questions!


Starryservals Avatar

What a VERY exciting update!!! Great to hear ^-^ very much looking forward to what the team presents <3 :D

2023-01-07 22:56:24

pygmypear Avatar

^^^this!!! (or down arrows i can’t remember if my comment will go above or below kyasarinn’s lol)

2023-01-07 21:30:13

Kyasarinn Avatar

Thank you for your hard work!! We all appreciate it!! ❤️

2023-01-07 19:31:26

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