June Newsletter

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✦ Happy Pride Month, Sushi Rolls! ✦

This month has our annual Summer DTE and the return of Adventures - we hope members have fun participating in this month's activities.

If you have any questions, please ask us in the community discord server. Enjoy!

Sushi Dog Discord


Summer DTE ✦


Looks like the Summer brought out these fun-loving Sooshes around - and what's this? Team Food vs Team Drink?
We'll discuss this team fight further down in the Newsletter!
It's that time of year: the annual Summer DTE! This year is packed with delicious designs by:
Alexdream12 , linborghini , Kyu , Rocco, and Tamurachii !
As this is a Draw-to-Enter, this means the Sooshes are won via raffle. All you have to do is make a nice piece of art for the Sooshes you desire!
You can only win one, so if your name is raffled off as a winner for a Soosh and you win another, it will be rerolled! This is to ensure more users can win a Sushi Dog (or Cat!) of their own.
There are multiple prizes per prompt, so feel free to enter if you also desire some site goodies!
Remember; these prompts are only open for the duration of June so please allot time to enter this month if you have your eyes on a lovely Soosh. 
Good luck everyone!

Check out the DTE Prompts!


Raffle Prize Winners

The Spring Blossom Festival has concluded, and with that the raffle has been rolled. Congrats to these winners!

3rd Place: Sunset Buttercream Cake by Tamurachii
Won by: roxybirdie


2nd Place: Grande Matcha Latte by linborghini
Won by: AcuteExposure



1st Place Grand Prize: Spring Time Cake, Sushi Cat by aisu
Won by: LightWind


Thank you, everyone!

This past year has been packed with new events and happenings, and it makes our days when the community expresses how much they love them. We're getting close to finishing our first year of seasonal festivals - just two more to go!

We hope you continue to enjoy them all and look forward to the new traits and items that come with each one.

The current Holiday Shoppe will still be open for another week for any last-minute purchases for those who haven't decided on what they wanted! Raffle tickets have been removed as well.

✦ Summer Starlight Festival ✦

I'm sure you're here wondering what the whole Team Food vs Team Drink deal is.
Looks like you're going to have to choose a team next month and fight for what is better: Food or Drinks!
Seems like the summer fills Sooshes with spirit - and every year, they're ready to fight for their chosen teams.
Teams are determined by users' choice, so don't feel pressured to be on a certain team if your Sooshes aren't fitting!
The Summer Festival will have prompts ready to show off why your side is better, as well as one for those who are participating in Art Fight as well!
What team are you choosing?

I heard Zero exclaiming that his insides are powered by gamer juice. Not sure what that means exactly, but he seems quite passionate.
Look forward to it, everyone!


New Adventure Prompt ✦

Are you ready to resume your quest for mythical status? A new adventure prompt will be available this month!

Seems like there's a damsel in distress... in a tower...? What exactly is going on here?!

Find out when the prompt goes live on site, and have fun using your magic to save those in need!



Soosh Sales ✦

We hope you guys don't mind a break from GA auctions!
We have one more auction batch of GA designs coming up this month, but after that there will be a break so the GAs can submit more designs to be sold in the future.
Moderator batches will continue as normal - so there are always chances to get a new Soosh for your own. Thank you so much!



Balancing Changes ✦

Watch out: it's time for a patch to balance things!

Specifically in this: writing changes and magic questline adjustments.
Writing requirements have changed to require more effort from users. We do love writings by our community, but when an art rpg group has more writing entries than art entries in events, there is an issue.

Writing minimum requirements have been adjusted to be a minimum of 1000 words. We had lowered this in the past for users who claimed writing that many words was far too much, but with the influx of written entries we see that this is an easier alternative to artwork. This was never our intention!

Writing was always meant to be inclusive for community members who did not draw or were not confident in their art abilities. This was never meant to be an easier alternative for artists. Thus, we determined that changes to writing requirements were necessary.
That is not the only change for writing: we are now more thorough as to what we expect from members' written entries.

The requirements are laid out in the prompt guide page, so please read it over if you plan on submitting writings.
Lastly, to give the mods a bit more of a break from constant prompt submissions, we have limited the Magic Questline prompts to be submitted to once a month per user.
If you want to grind for carats, Oodles of Doodles was meant to fulfill that purpose. However, on many occasions our mods got flooded with those who found time to grind magic prompts with numerous Sooshes at once.
We love the passion but this overwhelmed us in times of events!
We sincerely hope you guys understand the changes, and appreciate the transparency as to why I decided these were for the best.
As usual, we do take in community feedback. Does it feel like carats are hard to grind for? Or maybe there just isn't enough prompts to tackle? Do flash prompts need a dramatic return? Let us know in #suggestions-box in the Sushi Dog Park Discord!


And that's all for this month! We hope you are as excited as we are! 
As always, feel free to comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

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