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✦ Happy August, Sushi Rolls! ✦

This month marks the last half of the Summer Starlight Festival, reveals the Art Fight Soosh Raffle Winners, and has news about the upcoming Sushi Dogs Anniversary! An entire decade of Sooshes - wow!

If you have any questions, please ask us in the community discord server. Enjoy!

Sushi Dog Discord


Art Fight Raffle Winners✦

This year's Art Fight was jam-packed with tons of Soosh art! So much so that it took a few extra days to make sure everything was approved and ready to go.

Here are the winners for each Soosh!

Team Vampire Raffle Prize
Winner: Mooncyder

Team Werewolf Raffle Prize
Winner: Silvetz

These Sooshes are transferred to their new owners, and are on a month-long cooldown. Their pets are also character-bound, so they will always have their little friend... it's in their inventories!

Please give a special thanks to Tamurachii for offering to design these prizes last minute (seriously, I'm mildly terrified) just for an incentive for the community. We got a ton of entries this year so we hope the grind was fun for participating members!

✦ Summer Starlight Festival ✦

New sub-quests for the festival went up earlier this month! Now there are new ways to earn tickets and reign your team supreme.
Of course, we need to show off the raffle prizes to make sure you guys know what you are aiming for!

It's also time to reveal the raffle prizes:

Team Drink

1st Place Prize: Sunrise Soda Sushi Dog
2nd Place: Sooshapon Token + 1 Summer Seasonal Trait Item
3rd Place: Haute Potion + Any Summer Pet Box

Team Food

1st Place Prize: Choco-dipped Banana Sushi Dog
2nd Place: Sooshapon Token + 1 Summer Seasonal Trait Item
3rd Place: Haute Potion + Any Summer Pet Box

These prizes are so summery, are they not? Hopefully we see some more fun seasonal traited Sooshes in the future!
Once the festival ends, we will be giving out patches for these findings:
Winning Team
Losing Team

These patches are simply awards, so please do not be pressured to stick to a team if you want a chance at winning either Soosh. Do note that you can only win once, so you'll be granted the highest placed prize. Thanks so much everyone!

Keep an eye out sooshlings - seems like there's an abundance of Ocean Splashers washing up, so look out for surprise drops in the discord server! They are not confined to any channel, so keep an eye out in case you can take some extra event currency home. There does seem to be more pet boxes in the shop. Where did they come from?


Soosh Sales ✦

There is an auction batch this month on the 12th - this Saturday!
Theme? Well, I think Sooshes are my favorite animal, but there are some other cool ones.

Seems like there is a crowd of Sooshes coming in next month... It's never been seen before!


10 Years ✦

Sushi Dogs turns 10 in two days! A whole decade of these sweet Sooshes!
Since the summer festival takes place in August, the anniversary event will continue to take place in September.

Seems like there will be 10 Sooshes to show off all throughout September! You'll have to keep your eyes peeled every Monday and Friday.
These will all be auctions until the final, grand reveal! So if you're looking for a brand new Soosh to commemorate the anniversary, you better start planning!
Not exciting enough? Well... each Soosh do have a new trait from this past year of festivals. If you can't decide what you're looking for, maybe write a list of your favorite seasonal traits and look out for them!

Here are the artists participating:
aisu Alexdream12 Kyu linborghini Miizue
pudipon Rannarbananar Starkindler Staryon Tamurachii

As usual, we will also open up forms to make an Anniversary MYO soosh! This is a free Soosh you can design that is trade-locked to your account. Make a sentimental design, a Soosh form of an existing beloved OC, or a design that you find fun to draw for future art! Each account can have one ANN-XXX design, so if you have never made one yet feel free to start thinking up some ideas.

That's it for this newsletter - we hope this busy season continues to give you guys much excitement!


And that's all for this month! We hope you are as excited as we are! 
As always, feel free to comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

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