Prompt Categories

Staple Prompts

These prompts are always around and available to submit to!

Mythical Trials

Mythical trials are distributed by Bryn, Hanabi, Purnima, or Lumi, and may reward mythical traits upon completion if you manage to impress them!

These quests are have a high difficulty and strict requirements to complete successfully. You may only complete these quests using your own soosh. Mythical upgrade rewards are locked to the the character used in your prompt, so choose carefully!

Seasonal Festivals

Seasonal Festival prompts are dedicated to festival happenings. These contain the mainline and subquest prompts that appear each season for members to tackle!


Adventures are distributed once per month by Taffy, Edena, Nocte, and Ryder. These quests will have you exploring Culario!

You can only participate in adventures using soosh that you own. These quests have two requirements: one for completion, and one for skills. Successfully meeting the completion requirement will award CR, while meeting the skill requirement will award skill points (therefore, it is possible to participate in adventuring without leveling skills, if desired). Additionally, there may be bonus requirements you can meet depending on who the quest giver is!

Special Prompts

These prompts are unique in their offerings and availability! These can contain special limited-time events, holidays, contests, and more.


Magic Training

This is a 3-part questline used to earn a magic ability for your soosh. In these quests, your soosh will go through the process of discovering, training, and then mastering their magic ability!

You can only participate in magic quests using a soosh that you own. This questline is required for unlocking skills for your soosh, and need only be completed once. You may, however, complete this questline for different soosh that you own, in order to earn abilities for multiple soosh.

When your soosh completes magic training, they'll receive a bonus to the rewards given when adventuring, depending on their magic affinity. (click here to learn more about magic)

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