<a href=" Token" class="display-item">Sooshapon Token</a>

Sooshapon Token

Category: Trinkets


"A play token for the Sooshapon Machine! Care to try your luck?"

Effect: grants one sooshapon capsule and a bonus prize (if you're lucky!)
Box Contents: 1 sooshapon capsule (always), plus either 1 haute potion, 1 enchanted bell, or nothing (random chance)
To Use: select from your inventory, and click "open box"

Art by Staryon

<a href=" Capsule" class="display-item">Sooshapon Capsule</a>

Sooshapon Capsule

Category: Trinkets


"This strange-looking little bauble fell out of the sooshapon machine when you used your token! I wonder what's inside?"

Effect: Upon use, generates one MYO Sushi Dog slot in the MYO Masterlist (this item is nontransferable--to trade, please create the MYO slot first)
To Use: Select from your inventory, and click "use slot"

Art by Staryon

<a href="" class="display-item">Snapshot</a>


Category: Trinkets

"Didn't get the perfect shot for your profile? Whip out that camera and get to shooting!"

This trinket allows users to reupload their Soosh's database entry image with up to (2) minor design changes or without any updates at all!

To Use: Attach item when submitting a design request. Please include what changes you are making if doing minor changes. A soosh may only be updated once a month with this item.

Examples of Minor Changes:
• Changing Nose Color
• Removal or Addition of Accessories
• Changing Hairstyle
• Slight Hue Change
• Marking Simplification

All edits are subject to approval from our staff

Art by Staryon

<a href=" Idol" class="display-item">Angelic Idol</a>

Angelic Idol

Category: Trinkets

Using this trinket allows your soosh to gain the trait SMALL ANGELIC WINGS.

<a href=" o' Fun" class="display-item">Bag o' Fun</a>

Bag o' Fun

Category: Trinkets

Using this trinket allows your soosh to gain the trait BANDANA POUCH.

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