Celestial Soosh

Celestial soosh are the only soosh not associated with foods. Instead, they exist to "balance" the universe using their divine power. Their individual spheres of influence are often with the stars themselves, or in even more abstract and mysterious forces within the universe, but overall celestials have a more indirect influence on soosh society than supremes.

Although celestials aren't quite as powerful as their creator, they are often regarded as deities in their own right, both by humans and other sushi dogs (and especially by themselves). Their heightened responsibilities and (often, fiercely) independent personalities usually mean that celestials tend to stick to themselves, rarely associating with "lesser" beings.

Among the most prestigious of celestials are the four seasons. These four celestials are highly important to all sushi dogs due to their direct involvement in the growth of food, and are highly involved in soosh society, mostly notably as the patron deities of all mythical soosh. In exchange for their service (either to the four seasons themselves, or to others), they bless worthy sooshes with a portion of their great wellspring of magic. Lesser celestials also have the ability to bless other beings and objects, but usually not to this degree.

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