Multiple Bandanas

Multiple Bandanas (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Soosh with multiple bandanas can have up to three! This trait can be added again to add up to 3 more, if desired. When stacked with other bandana traits, they can be applied to all bandanas or just one (it is not necessary to add more than one bandana trait if you'd like to apply it to more than one).

Trailing Bandana

Trailing Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Trailing Bandanas are bandanas that have an unusually long, ribbon-like length. Many of these are wrapped around parts of the Soosh's body, such as the torso, across tails, and so forth.

  • Main Bandana Trait: This trait must replace Small Bandana or Large Bandana.
  • Modifiers Available: Any bandana trait modifiers.

Antennae (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Antennae are a pair of portrusions off of a Soosh's head. Unlike Small Horns, these protrusions are able to have limited movement and can be made up of unique shapes, materials, and more.


Fins (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous
Bandana Pouch

Bandana Pouch (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

A pouch attached to a bandana. The pouch can be used to carry items.

Note that this trait is considered to be a modifier, and must be stacked with either small bandana or large bandana. This trait can be stacked with any other bandana trait except accessory bandana (meaning: you cannot attach a pouch onto an accessory bandana). These traits can, however, be used at on the same soosh when stacked with multiple bandanas.

Merged traits: traveler's bandana

Sparkling Fur

Sparkling Fur (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Soosh with sparkling fur tend to leave flecks of glitter wherever they rude!


Mane (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Manes differ from hairstyles in that they grow all around the head and neck, rather than just on top of the head.

Creature Companion(s)

Creature Companion(s) (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Unlike pets, creature companions are familiars that are magically bonded to their companion soosh--they can be considered to be an extension of the soosh's soul. Creature companions are always much smaller than the soosh itself, and may manifest as twins or triplets, but never more than 3 total. Twin/triplet creature companions are always the same species.

This trait can be stacked with sentient tail for a companion that's merged with its companion soosh's body!

Small Horns

Small Horns (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Horns that grow in a pair on the top of a soosh's head. All horns may be any shape, including pronged (like antlers!), but small horns can only be as large as half the height of the head.

Small Devilish Wings

Small Devilish Wings (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Devilish wings are scaly (dragon) or fleshy (bat) wings. Devilish wings can appear anywhere on the body, in one pair only (unless stacked with extra wings), and cannnot be larger than the size of the head (unless stacked with large wings).

Small Angelic Wings

Small Angelic Wings (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Angelic wings are feathered (bird) wings. Angelic wings can appear anywhere on the body, in one pair only (unless stacked with extra wings), and cannnot be larger than the size of the head (unless stacked with large wings).

Large Bow

Large Bow (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Whoa! That's a big ole' bow! Large bows are classified as simple knot-styled bows that are larger than average.

Accessory Bandana

Accessory Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Accessory bandanas are tied to accessories worn by the soosh (such as on a hat or cloak). As the bandana is magically bonded onto the soosh's body, this means that the accessory it's tied to is as well, so neither the bandana or the accessory it's tied to can be removed!

Decorated Bandana

Decorated Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Decorated bandanas have small accessories or flourishes sewn, embroidered, or pinned into the fabric, or tied into the knot. This could include buttons, charms, lace or fur trim, a fringe, and more! Only one decoration per trait. (ie. if you wanted a bandana with lace and a charm, this would be two separate traits)

Round Ears

Round Ears (Gourmet)

Category: Ears

AKA ursa ears. Round ears are have a more prominent curve at the ear tips, often creating a completely circular appearance!

Multi-Color Bandana

Multi-Color Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Multi-color bandanas are those that, rather than one solid color, are colored in two-three colors across their length. Colors can be a gradient or solid blocks of color as long as they do not resemble a pattern (ie. stripes).

*Note: when this trait is stacked with multiple bandanas, it can appear in one of three ways:
1.) multi-color on one bandana only,
2.) multi-color on more than one bandana in the same colors,
3.) multi-color on more than one bandana in different colors. It is not necessary to have more than one multi-color trait to apply this trait to more than one bandana.

Trailing Ribbons

Trailing Ribbons (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Trailing ribbons are knot "tails" that are longer than the size of the bow/knot itself. Trailing ribbons can be as long as twice the full length of the soosh's body (this is pretty flexible, but they should generally not be much longer than this!)

Note that this trait must be stacked with another knot trait! Trailing ribbons are considered to be a modifier to a soosh's knot, and not the knot itself (for example, a soosh with a bow that has very long tails should be listed with two traits for its knot: simple knot and trailing ribbons).

Complex Knot

Complex Knot (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

A complex knot is anything not classified as a simple knot. There are lots of ways to tie things, so get creative!

Multiple Knots

Multiple Knots (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

This trait is for multiple knots on the same bandana! If a bandana is tied in more than one place, it has multiple knots.

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