Dracosoosh get their name and appearance from dragons, primarily those from European and east Asian folklore. These mythicals have been blessed by the winter celestial.

Like their namesake, Dracosoosh tends to be mysterious loners, living in near-complete isolation from the rest of soosh society. While many are more sociable, their deity's favor seems to be with those who carry themselves with a quiet dignity like his own (and they frequently share his penchant for collecting things, for some reason).

Dracosoosh is regarded with a certain status compared to other soosh (and even other mythicals!) by their peers and sometimes by themselves. As with dragons in human folklore, this reputation may be positive or negative depending on the individual and their upbringing, as well as with the individual Dracosoosh. Some think of them as benevolent and even godlike, while others think of them as terrifyingly cruel and greedy.

The Dracosoosh generally care little for what others think. The power they've inherited is their own, and they'll do what they will with it, whether it be a boon or bane to those around them.

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