Faesoosh get their name and appearance primarily from the faefolk of European folklore. These mythicals have been blessed by the spring celestial.

Faesoosh are unique from other mythicals in that they also come in two subtypes: unisoosh and pegasoosh. These subtypes were once thought of as separate "breeds," but (due to the overlap in their appearance and origins) are now considered to be variations of faesoosh. All faesoosh (regardless of subtype) can be recognized by their small, dainty features--even smaller than normal soosh!

Faesoosh tend to have a mixed reputation within soosh society. While as a whole, faesoosh are associated with happiness and good fortune, they also have a reputation for mischief. Their deity is well known as a prankster himself, and it seems that his favor tends to be with soosh that share his playful sense of humor.

Though many faesoosh turn their nose up at this childish behavior (particularly the unisoosh, who value gracefulness and purity), others revel in it, using their magic and wits to trick, deceive, and mislead gullible soosh for their amusement. These pranks are usually harmless however--faesoosh simply enjoy a good time.

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