Kitsoosh get their name and appearance from the kitsune of Japanese folklore. These mythicals have been blessed by the summer celestial.

These mythicals are often considered some of the most elegant, with long legs, bodies, necks, ears, and snouts compared to normal soosh. Legend has it that kitsoosh with a higher number of tails are wiser or more powerful, but it seems to be more of a source of pride than anything. Another source of pride are their unique bandanas which are quite unlike all other soosh, with just as much variety among even other kitsoosh!

Despite their extravagant appearance, most kitsoosh prefer staying out of the spotlight. These mythicals seem to have inherited their deity's insatiable wanderlust, never staying in the same place for too long, always searching for new experiences. Their aloof nature only adds to the allure for many soosh, but others instead find them to be vain, self-absorbed, and lazy.

Much like faesoosh, kitsoosh are also known to be talented tricksters when inclined, so be on your toes when encountering one! A kitsoosh's heightened power and quick wit can be a force to be reckoned with when used for mischief. Riddles in particular are a personal favorite of their deity, and it's rumored that one can earn her blessing by managing to stump her. That's just a rumor though, right?

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