Vampsoosh get their name and appearance primarily from the vampire of European folklore, but can also take on the traits of various monsters and demons from cultures around the world. These mythicals have been blessed by the autumn celestial.

Vampsoosh are by far the most misunderstood mythicals. They've often been rumored to feed off the magic of other soosh, leading to them mostly being ostracized by others. In truth, the ability to leech another soosh's magic is not unique to vampsoosh (and certainly not permanent or fatal...usually). Despite this, many vampsoosh have embraced their villainous reputation, and enjoy scaring the fur off of any soosh unlucky enough to cross their paths.

Possibly the most unique feature of the vampsoosh are the gray swirls on their bandanas. For many soosh, this represents a "corruption," signifying that vampsoosh are "impure" and bolstering their reputation as monsters. The gray coloring was inherited from their deity's affinity towards the night and the gentle glow of moonlight, though whether this truly signifies a "tainting" of their souls is up for debate. The night can bring many things, after all....

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