Creation (Limited)

Category: Magic Affinity

Creation magic does exactly what it sounds like--it creates things that weren't there before! These creations are small (should be no bigger than the soosh itself) and have no sentience, although they can follow simple commands given by their creator (such as to sweep a room, or to follow someone).

Creations differ from illusions in that they are tangible, and do not require constant focus by the caster in order to maintain them. It is possible to make something with creation magic that persists even when its creator has gone far away. They do, however, have a "time limit" of sorts, depending on how powerful its creator is. For your average soosh (and for your purposes when playing this ARPG), creations would persist for about a day, unless the creation's magic were "refreshed" by its creator. 

Affinity Bonus: Creation mastery allows the user to repeat a previously-completed adventure as long as the adventure is still open.

*Sushi dogs must complete the magic questline in order to earn this trait. Specific magic ability should be listed and is locked upon claiming.

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