Dragon Tail

Dragon Tail (Dracosoosh)

Category: Tail

Mythical - Dragonsoosh trait

AKA serpentine tail (name changed to avoid confusion!). Dragon tails are essentially more exaggerated versions of impish tails. They are much thicker (especially at the base of the tail--it should be about as thick as the soosh's body) and may be scaled without requiring the scales trait. Dragon tails taper towards the end of the tail, and (like impish tails) end in either a shaped tip or tuft of fur, unless stacked with a trait that changes the tail tip.

This trait can be stacked ONLY with object tail, chimera tail, and sentient tail (stacking traits apply to dragon tail tip only--ex. for a tail that is tipped with flowers or feathers). This trait cannot be stacked with any other tail trait.

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