Enchantment (Limited)

Category: Magic Affinity

Enchantment magic works by altering the state of another creature, specifically by changing the mood, thoughts, or feelings. It could even be used to enchant an object!

Enchantment magic can only be used on one target at a time, and its effects are generally very small and not long-lasting. When used on another magical creature (like another soosh) its effect is weakened, and may be completely ineffective if the creature is very powerful! For example, this would mean that it is not possible to use enchantment to "enslave" another soosh (however, it could be used to make a soosh follow simple commands, such as "rollover" or "play dead").

Affinity Bonus: Enchantment mastery allows the user to always receive an adventure's quest giver bonus if earning any virtue points, regardless of whether or not the quest giver bonus criteria is met.

*Sushi dogs must complete the magic questline in order to earn this trait. Specific magic ability should be listed and is locked upon claiming.

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