Illusion (Magic)

Category: Magic Affinity

Illusion magic creates images or sounds that manipulate the senses into seeing or hearing things that aren't really there. These are "tricks of the light" in a sense. Any images created are noncorporeal (meaning you cannot touch or feel them), and can have "targeted" effects (so only the "target" would experience the illusion).

The illusions created are small (at their largest, they could transform a small enclosed space), and persist only with focus from the soosh casting it (except for VERY powerful soosh!). So for example, a soosh could not cast an illusion that made creatures follow someone, or one that created a large monster. Illusions also cannot have a "maddening" or traumatizing effect (in general, soosh do not injure other soosh!).

Affinity Bonus: Illusion mastery greats the user double the total CR earned from adventures if earning any virtue points, including any CR awarded for available bonuses.

*Sushi dogs must complete the magic questline in order to earn this trait. Specific magic ability should be listed and is locked upon claiming.

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