Transformation (Magic)

Category: Magic Affinity

Transformation magic, naturally, turns one thing into another. This differs from illusion magic in that the object transformed physically becomes something else, and from creation magic in that the transformation must be applied to something currently existing (rather than created from nothing).

Like creation magic, transformations have a "time limit", meaning that the transformation cannot be permanent. Additionally, while it is possible to transform living things, the effect is weakened when used on another soosh (the transformation would wear off within a few minutes), and if the creature was VERY powerful, would not have any effect at all. If it were used on the caster themselves, it would take a great amount of concentration and energy to maintain the transformation.

Transformation magic, like everything else, is also only possible on a small scale, and is 1-to-1. For example, a soosh could transform a single rock into a single coin, but they could not transform a large pile of rocks into a large pile of coins, or a single rock into a large pile of coins. Additionally, transformation magic cannot be used to transform things into living creatures. Only very powerful soosh are able to make such complex transformations.

Affinity Bonus: Transformation mastery allows the user to claim +1 extra virtue point (of the same type already claimed for the prompt) instead of the drawing/writing bonus (only if drawing/writing bonus criteria is met).

*Sushi dogs must complete the magic questline in order to earn this trait. Specific magic ability should be listed and is locked upon claiming.

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