Mane (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Manes differ from hairstyles in that they grow all around the head and neck, rather than just on top of the head.

Large Bow

Large Bow (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Whoa! That's a big ole' bow! Large bows are classified as simple knot-styled bows that are larger than average.

Shaped Cheeks

Shaped Cheeks (Gourmet)

Category: Cheek Pouches

Shaped cheek pouches can be just about any shape imaginable! Unless this trait is stacked with Mismatched Cheek Shape, both cheek pouches should be mirrored shapes.

Tufted Ear Tips

Tufted Ear Tips (Gourmet)

Category: Ears

AKA lynx tufts or lynx ears. Ears with tufted ear tips have a longer tuft of fur at the tips of the ears compared to the fur on the rest of the ear.

This trait is stacked with any other ear traits (ex. for "lynx ears" combine tufted ear tips with perky ears).

Large Ears

Large Ears (Gourmet)

Category: Ears

Large ears are more than one half the height of the head proportionally, and allow slightly more flexibility as far as shape goes compared to other ear traits. Large ears should be no longer than the full height of the head.

This trait can be stacked with any other ear traits except mega lop ears.

Large Bandana

Large Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Large bandanas have no definitive maximum size limit, and can be worn on any part of the body--usually around the neck.

This trait can be stacked with any other bandana trait except small bandana and obi bandana (unless the soosh has more than one bandana). Large bandanas are worn in many different styles--check the masterlist for more examples and inspiration!

*Note that bandana traits must ALWAYS be stacked with a knot trait!

Mismatched Cheek Color

Mismatched Cheek Color (Gourmet)

Category: Cheek Pouches

Soosh with mismatched cheek pouch colors have a different solid color on each. The cheek pouch colors cannot be patterned or gradiented unless stacked with Fancy Cheeks.

Mismatched Cheek Shape

Mismatched Cheek Shape (Gourmet)

Category: Cheek Pouches

Soosh with mismatched cheek shapes have one shape on one cheek, and another shape on the other. This trait MUST be stacked with Shaped Cheeks, however, only one is necessary for both cheek pouches (for example, if you wanted to do one heart and star, you would not need one shaped cheek pouch trait for each shape--just the one is sufficient!).

Chimera Tail

Chimera Tail (Gourmet)

Category: Tail

The tail appears to belong another species of animal entirely. Chimera tails can be based on just about any non-mammalian animal--sea creatures, insects, reptiles, even birds!

Object Tail

Object Tail (Gourmet)

Category: Tail

The tail, rather than being "natural," is an inanimate object instead. If the object is a food, this trait is sometimes referred to as "edible tail;" if the object is a plant, it may be referred to as a "floral tail." Object tails generally function as the object should (for example, a plant tail could wither and grow flowers/fruit).

The object itself can theoretically be anything, however, if the object is living in some way (this includes artificial intelligence), the tail should be classified as a sentient tail instead.

Small Devilish Wings

Small Devilish Wings (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Devilish wings are scaly (dragon) or fleshy (bat) wings. Devilish wings can appear anywhere on the body, in one pair only (unless stacked with extra wings), and cannnot be larger than the size of the head (unless stacked with large wings).

Small Horns

Small Horns (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Horns that grow in a pair on the top of a soosh's head. All horns may be any shape, including pronged (like antlers!), but small horns can only be as large as half the height of the head.

Creature Companion(s)

Creature Companion(s) (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Unlike pets, creature companions are familiars that are magically bonded to their companion soosh--they can be considered to be an extension of the soosh's soul. Creature companions are always much smaller than the soosh itself, and may manifest as twins or triplets, but never more than 3 total. Twin/triplet creature companions are always the same species.

This trait can be stacked with sentient tail for a companion that's merged with its companion soosh's body!

Sparkling Fur

Sparkling Fur (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Soosh with sparkling fur tend to leave flecks of glitter wherever they rude!


Scales (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Scales present on the Soosh's body. If the trait is limited to the tail, that would be Chimera Tail instead.

Trailing Bandana

Trailing Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Trailing Bandanas are bandanas that have an unusually long, ribbon-like length. Many of these are wrapped around parts of the Soosh's body, such as the torso, across tails, and so forth.

  • Main Bandana Trait: This trait must replace Small Bandana or Large Bandana.
  • Modifiers Available: Any bandana trait modifiers.

Antennae (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous

Antennae are a singular or pair of portrusions off of a Soosh's head. Unlike Small Horns, these protrusions are able to have limited movement and can be made up of unique shapes, materials, and more.


Fins (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous
Bandana Pouch

Bandana Pouch (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

A pouch attached to a bandana. The pouch can be used to carry items.

Note that this trait is considered to be a modifier, and must be stacked with either small bandana or large bandana. This trait can be stacked with any other bandana trait except accessory bandana (meaning: you cannot attach a pouch onto an accessory bandana). These traits can, however, be used at on the same soosh when stacked with multiple bandanas.

Merged traits: traveler's bandana

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