Multi-Color Bandana

Multi-Color Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Multi-color bandanas are those that, rather than one solid color, are colored in two-three colors across their length. Colors can be a gradient or solid blocks of color on the same bandana.

*Note: when this trait is stacked with multiple bandanas, it can appear in one of three ways:
1.) multi-color on one bandana only,
2.) multi-color on more than one bandana in the same colors,
3.) multi-color on more than one bandana in different colors. It is not necessary to have more than one multi-color trait to apply this trait to more than one bandana.

Multiple Bandanas

Multiple Bandanas (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Soosh with multiple bandanas can have up to three! This trait can be added again to add up to 3 more, if desired. When stacked with other bandana traits, they can be applied to all bandanas or just one (it is not necessary to add more than one bandana trait if you'd like to apply it to more than one).

Decorated Bandana

Decorated Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Decorated bandanas have small accessories or flourishes sewn, embroidered, or pinned into the fabric, or tied into the knot. This could include buttons, charms, lace or fur trim, a fringe, and more! Only one decoration per trait. (ie. if you wanted a bandana with lace and a charm, this would be two separate traits)

(Merged traits: bandana lace, bandana fringe, decorative trim, bandana charm)

Accessory Bandana

Accessory Bandana (Gourmet)

Category: Bandana

Accessory bandanas are tied to accessories worn by the soosh (such as on a hat or cloak). As the bandana is magically bonded onto the soosh's body, this means that the accessory it's tied to is as well, so neither the bandana or the accessory it's tied to can be removed!

Dark Swirls

Dark Swirls (Weresoosh)

Category: Bandana

Mythical - Vampsoosh trait

AKA gray swirls. The soosh's bandana is "tainted," and has gray swirls rather than the normal pure white. Dark swirls can be any shade of gray or black.

Dragon Tail

Dragon Tail (Dracosoosh)

Category: Tail

Mythical - Dragonsoosh trait

AKA serpentine tail (name changed to avoid confusion!). Dragon tails are essentially more exaggerated versions of impish tails. They are much thicker (especially at the base of the tail--it should be about as thick as the soosh's body) and may be scaled without requiring the scales trait. Dragon tails taper towards the end of the tail, and (like impish tails) end in either a shaped tip or tuft of fur, unless stacked with a trait that changes the tail tip.

This trait can be stacked ONLY with object tail, chimera tail, and sentient tail (stacking traits apply to dragon tail tip only--ex. for a tail that is tipped with flowers or feathers). This trait cannot be stacked with any other tail trait.

Multiple Tails

Multiple Tails (Kitsoosh)

Category: Tail

Mythical - Kitsoosh trait

Multiple tails are just that! Soosh with this trait can have 2-9 tails (at least 2 are shown at all times, but any more than that can be hidden at will).

This trait MUST be stacked with one of the following traits: fur tail, object tail, impish tail, chimera tail, or sentient tail. This trait CANNOT be stacked with any other tail trait.

Wispy Tail (Staple)

Category: Tail

A cute, fluffy, and cloudy tail! The texture is considered light and like a cloud! They tend to flow with the wind and vary in shapes whenever a soosh is seen, but they always generally have the same length across the entire tail.

(Merged traits: fluffy fur tail, wispy tail)

Sentient Tail

Sentient Tail (Gourmet)

Category: Tail

AKA living tail. This tail is actually a creature companion that has merged with its soosh's body, and now exists as its soosh's tail. The sentient tail has its own thoughts and personality.

Required stacking trait: creature companions

Chimera Tail

Chimera Tail (Gourmet)

Category: Tail

The tail appears to belong another species of animal entirely. Chimera tails can be based on just about any non-mammalian animal--sea creatures, insects, reptiles, even birds!

(Merged traits: aquatic tail, feather tail)

Impish Tail

Impish Tail (Gourmet)

Category: Tail

Tail is thin, with short fur (or hairless) and tipped. The tip can be a tuft of a fur (for a "lion tail") or shaped (for a "devil tail").

(Merged traits: lion tail, devil tail)

Object Tail

Object Tail (Gourmet)

Category: Tail

The tail, rather than being "natural," is an inanimate object instead. If the object is a food, this trait is sometimes referred to as "edible tail;" if the object is a plant, it may be referred to as a "floral tail." Object tails generally function as the object should (for example, a plant tail could wither and grow flowers/fruit).

The object itself can theoretically be anything, however, if the object is living in some way (this includes artificial intelligence), the tail should be classified as a sentient tail instead.

(Merged traits: edible tail, floral tail)

Fur Tail

Fur Tail (Staple)

Category: Tail

A cute, furry tail! The fur texture can be fluffy, curly, poofy, or however you'd like--or they can be hairless! Generally, fur tails can be shaped to look like just about any mamallian animal, but the length of the fur should be consistent across the entire tail length (ex. fur tails cannot be short with a longer tuft at the tip--that would make it an impish tail instead).

*Note: if a soosh has no tail, it is considered a fur tail!

Large Horns (Dracosoosh)

Category: Miscellaneous

Mythical - Dragonsoosh trait

Fins (Gourmet)

Category: Miscellaneous
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