February Newsletter

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✦ Happy February, Sushi Rolls! ✦

Back with another news update!
This one is packed with info that we feel may be important to the community such as: Return of the Soosh (of the Month), Mid-Event Update for Snowfall Festival, Nitro Booster Perks, a "Sweet" Holiday next month, and more details about the mod restructuring! (P.S. We are hiring!)

Please scroll down to read more!
If you have any questions, please ask us in the community discord server. Enjoy!

✦ Return of the Soosh (of the Month)! ✦

That's right - after a long break, Soosh of the Month is back!
Due to not having the prompt to raffle off of, I raffled every single prompt entry done by January 30th to find a winner for February!

Peppermint Popcorn

Owned by CarrsCrap

Remember, you could be featured next month by drawing the above soosh!

Check out Soosh of the Month

Mid-Event Update


Seems like the community has been hard at work in helping the townsfolk with all the festival mishaps!
During all of the commotion, it seems like Festival Cookie and Festival Zero found a forgotten gift for you! (Or maybe it was just misplaced in the chaos...)

Check out the Holiday Shoppe!

Writing is now allowed!

Sorry - when creating the event we had been so distracted that we did not realize writing requirements were left out of the prompts!
We have rectified this for the mid-event update (once we clarified if we had a mod ready to read your writings). We hope this allows more members to fully participate in the event!

The prompts already state the requirements, but as a refresher: Writings must be 500 words at the minimum. You can get a writing bonus of +50 Carats if you write 1000 words! Character bonuses also apply to writing, so you can earn an extra few Candycanes as well.

Raffle Prize Reveal

We know many have been wondering what the Snowfall Raffle was for; we wanted to gauge the participation in the event before fully settling on prizes and you guys did so well we added 5 more prizes to the pool! This means there will be six winners overall.

6th and 5th will win: a Haute Potion! 
4th and 3rd will win: a Sooshapon Token! 
2nd will win: an Enchanted Bell! 


1st will earn the Grand Prize: the Snowdeer Cake Sushi Dog! 

This winter-ful soosh has the Magic Aura trait that you can earn in this event! 
We hope that this raffle reveal brings more excitement to players who did not have a set plan for their candycanes.

Thank you, everyone!

This event was a team effort behind the scenes. There may have been a few hiccups but we are very thankful to see how excited our community has been, and admiring all of the prompt entries that you guys have put so much love into!

We hope you can look forward to more events in the future.

✦ Nitro Booster Perks ✦

We have been doing Nitro Booster Perks in the discord server for over a year, and found consistent members partaking in them (thank you)!
It required a few test perks that have been shifted and adjusted over the year, but as of now we can officially state the perks we are sticking with:

If you use 1 boost on the server, you get 3 Koinpeito 12-icon.png every month you boost!
If you use 2 boosts on the server, you get 5 Koinpeito 12-icon.png every month!
Lastly: You will gain a free event item when events are running! January was the Pet Box item.

As an extra bonus, every nitro booster gains access to themed Your-Soosh-Here bases created by Staryon - this is always available to any and everyone who boosts.

Consider these monthly perks as a passive income for the site!

Boosts allow our server to have a banner (and thus hold banner contests), as well as gaining us new emote and sticker slots.
We even have a custom url!

Sushi Dog Discord

The discord server is the hub to everything Sooshes, so check it out!

Mod Restructuring ✦

Kayy explained last month about the restructuring.
This was an overdue task to reassign mod duties as we find ourselves growing older and gaining new responsibilities in our lives.
(You're not the only ones growing up, Sushi Rolls!)

This should make the group run far smoother than before.
We do apologize for the delays and unanswered inquiries the community has dealt with in the past. Our focus is always on the community's enjoyment of our cute food species, so we hope you can feel as cherished as you are!

You'll find that the redesign queue is reopened, and also more consistency in other site workings including the newsletter!
The other mods have been doing wonderfully in their new roles, so be sure to thank them in sticking with us as we continue to adjust to our different needs.

Now Hiring! 

We just needed January to test out these new duties and see what may be missing.
And well... we're in need of one more mod!

We are looking for a new approval mod; this mod will work under Rannarbananar to help approve MYOs, redesigns, and update appraisals.
This task isn't as easy as it sounds - you'll need to be knowledgeable on our traits, theme allowances, and learn how to appropriately appraise any and all Sooshes!

It can be daunting at first but we believe anyone can do it. You'll be trained for the role, and will gladly answer any and all questions you will have regarding the approval process. Just click the button below to find the mod application; we look forward to hearing from you!

Join the Team!



Something Sweet in the Air...

You may want to grab a friend for this! Or maybe have someone in mind...
Wait - I think both works? 
I can't wait to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me!


And that's all for this month! We hope you are as excited as we are! 
As always, feel free to comment or send us a message if you have any questions!

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