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January 2021 Update Log

Posted 3 February 2021, 00:33:32 EST :: Last edited 15 April 2022, 13:23:31 EDT by fawncore
General Site Updates

The Sooshapon Machine will now stock 10 total sooshapon tokens (5 buyable with CR, 5 buyable with KP), decreased from 20 total.

Premium potions and premium bells can now be purchased from Pommelraie's Salon for KP. Stock will be limited each month, so act fast! Currently, we have no ETA on when or if haute potions or enchanted bells will be buyable with CR.

New Features

The Enchanted Mirror is finally open for business again! While surrenders are currently closed, we've uploaded every soosh currently stuck in the mirror to be adopted for CR. Our friends on discord got to have the first look at the new and improved mirror, but there's still plenty of cute soosh up for grabs if you've got the dosh for it! When surrenders are opened, Pommelraie's Salon will be stocked with sooshapon capsules, haute potions, and enchanted bells to trade for mirror currency.

Bugs Fixed

User profiles were showing a 500 error for about 2 weeks at the end of January. This has been resolved now, thank you for your patience! It took quite a bit of tinkering to figure it out. ;w;/

Current Plans

A batch of new mods are planned to be brought on within the month! We'll be working to plan our Spring event for March if time allows. Please look forward to it!

The Enchanted Mirror will be opened for surrenders at a date to be determined, as some mod discussion is still needed to plan for the duration and frequency of opening (value calculations are done manually, so we'd like to avoid overloading mods with extra work if we can help it!).

Our first adventuring prompt will be posted within the week. Be sure to complete the magic training questline if you'd like to start earning virtue points from adventuring!

Grand Opening!

Posted 11 November 2020, 03:32:53 EST :: Last edited 15 April 2022, 12:44:38 EDT by fawncore
Welcome to the Grand Opening!

Sorry to have kept you all waiting so long, but our website is now open for business! We will be transfering your CR and items from the old bank manually as members come in, so please wait patiently as we get through that process! In the meantime, please feel free to explore the site and make yourself comfortable~  

As of writing this, the following site features are now available:

  • Account creation
  • DeviantArt account verification (your sushi dogs will automatically be linked to your site account once verified!)
  • Commenting on user profiles, sales posts, and news (try it out on this news post!)
  • Prompts (please check out our prompt guide for more information!)
  • Shops: The Sooshapon Machine, Pommelraie's Salon, and The Wishing Fountain

If you need any help getting started, please check out the following links for more information:

Quick Opening FAQ:

Why have I not received my characters/MYO slots?

Character/MYO slot ownership is linked to your DeviantArt alias, so any characters and MYO slots under your ownership should automatically be added to your account once you link your DA account.

If you have linked your DA account and you are still missing characters and MYO slots, please contact us for assistance!

Why have I not received my currency and items?
Currency and items are being migrated to site user accounts manually, so please wait patiently while we get to you! You may want to check the old bank to make sure that your currency and items are listed under your current DA account name--if you've changed your DA account name, it may take us longer to recognize you!
Why are my characters' traits missing or listed incorrectly?

To speed up the masterlist migration process, we intentionally transferred all masterlist entries without their traits listed. We will be gradually updating this information over time!

If you find that your characters' traits are listed incorrectly, please contact us to have them corrected.

November Events

During the remainder of the month, we are holding a scavenger hunt to help get everyone settled in! Browse various pages and see if you can find any pawprints Onigiri's left around. Each one you find will grant you 50 CR and an entry into a raffle for site items! Your first one is somewhere on this news post, but you'll have to find the rest on your own!

When you find a pawprint, please remember to open the item from your inventory in order to receive your prizes!

Regarding upcoming events, we have begun preparations for our annual advent calendar and secret soosh gift exchange, so please look forward to more information on those around the end of the month!

November Adoptable Sales

We have no plans for new sushi dogs to go up for this sale at this time! Please look forward to our annual advent calendar, with pre-claims available starting November 28.

The Sooshapon Machine & Updates to MYO Slots

During the month of November, the Sooshapon Machine will have an unlimited number of tokens up for grabs! We hope this helps make up for the lack of sales we've had throughout the year while we were getting the site ready for you all. It may take us a bit of time to get everyone's CR transferred from our old bank, so if you've been saving up for today, you don't need to worry about missing out while you wait.

Speaking of MYO slots, you may notice they function a bit differently! In the past, MYO sales have required a lot of manual work to organize: first the journal and claim thread was opened, then you had to comment to claim, then pay, then wait for a mod to add your slot to the masterlist, then wait for your bonus prize to be rolled in the discord server, then wait for your bonus prize (if you got one) to be added to your inventory...All that work is now fully automated!

After you purchase a sooshapon token from the shop, you can use it by selecting it from your inventory and clicking "Open Box." When opened, sooshapon tokens will grant you 1 sooshapon capsule and 1 random bonus prize (either a haute potion, enchanted bell, or nothing). You can then select the sooshapon capsule item from your inventory and select "Use Slot" to automatically create a MYO slot on the MYO slot masterlist under your name. We're very excited about how much easier and faster this will make MYO sales on bother buyers and mods, and we hope you are too!

Quick MYO FAQ:

Has the sale time or formatting changed otherwise?

Yes! Previously, MYO slots were sold for unlimited stock during 15-minute windows at 9AM and 9PM CST on the first of the month. From now on, the site's MYO shop will be restocked on the first of the each month at midnight UTC with a limited number of sooshapon tokens. This limited stock will be available for the entire month, or until it is sold out.

Is there a limit to how many sooshapon tokens I can buy at one time?

As of writing this, you are able to purchase as many as you'd like! This may change in the future if it becomes problematic at all, but as long as you have the currency to buy multiple tokens at a time, you will be able to.

Can I still buy slots for others?

Yes! To do this, you would simply buy the sooshapon token yourself, and trade it to your friend for them to use. Alternatively, you could buy the sooshapon token yourself, open it and use your capsule, and then trade the slot itself to your friend. It's up to you, really!

How can I buy MYO slots in USD or points?

To buy MYO slots in USD, please visit the koinpeito shop to have your USD converted to site currency!

Regarding DeviantArt points, we're no longer accepting them as payment, due to recent changes with the way that point transactions are handled on DeviantArt. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

Help Wanted!

We're looking to bring on some new moderators for help with the site! Please click here for more information.